Friday, June 29, 2007

I did the coolest race last night.

Let me go back to when I did the Hammonton Duathlon.

I was talking to this guy I met at that race who lives in the same town as me. So he tells me about these “races” that this guy runs in Glassboro NJ (Rowan University). He gave me the website and told me to check them out. So I went on the site and found the dates and made a mental note of them. Well I went back to the website this week and low and behold the first race was this week (Yesterday). They are 5K’s that are run on the Rowan Campus on Thursday evenings in the summer starting at 7pm. So what the hell I took the 10 minute ride to check it out.

I got there early and I saw a few people that looked like they were there for running. So I went and said hello to see if I was in the right location, I was. I paid my $5.00 wrote my name on a piece of paper and I was registered (no pre registration for this race). Apparently it was a big turnout as there were about 30 people (give or take a few) and last year for the first race there were only about 15 I was told. The course was explained to us and off we went.

I did a very fast (fast for me) first mile. And for the first two miles was running with a guy (he knew the course) and a HS girl (that like me did not know the course). He and I broke away, he a little faster than me. Now I am battling the heat and humidity and salt from my sweat in my eyes. About ¼ mile to go I turn it up a little and pass that guy and finish strong. It was a PR by a few seconds but with the heat I was very happy with the time.

So here is the real cool thing. We go into one of the buildings at Rowan and he puts all these things on a table. I see Gatorade, hand weights, a Nike shirt, water bottle, and various other stuff. And he starts calling off the winners. When he calls your name you get to pick something from the table. So I was 3rd in my age group (pretty sure only 3) and I got a box of microwave popcorn. You better believe I popped a bag last night. So I loved it and will be back every week if I can make it.

updated at noon to add.
If you get a chance check out the website that I linked above. This guy that does this has one heck of a resume for running. And he is out there for the love of the sport.


Di aka "Mrs Bigun" said...

A bag of Jiffy Pop ah?!?! How cool is that!!! I love your report and really love your Prize for placing.

Di aka "Mrs Bigun" said...

BTW - my Dad is from glassboro

J-Wim said...

MMMM I love popcorn!
Sounds like a cool race. Nice pace!