Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Welcome to the year 2007 Dan.

So yes the Garmin 305 was waiting for me when I got home from work yesterday. Unfortunately Monday nights are not the greatest for me getting out in day light.

I usually meet Kim and the kids at Karate and Kim usually has stuff to do while the kids are doing Karate. Yesterday was no different in that Kim was scheduled to test a kid (she is a LDTC – I think only NJ and FL have them). Basically she got a Masters in LDTC and she test kids to see if they are eligible for special services from school districts. She works for a school district but does some consulting work on the side for other districts. Way too much info but I never said I was a great writer. So long story short I would not be getting to use the Garmin last night.

So I took the opportunity to read the manual and do what I could before I was going to use it. And I had it ready for the morning run. Yes morning runs are hard for me (I like my sleep) but I had no problem getting up for one today. I put it on and out I went. Planned on about a 4.5 mile run but as luck would have it I quickly realized that I should have gone potty before I left the house. So I had to head home and when I got home I only completed 2.03 miles. So that was my first workout with the Garmin.

Now Tuesday nights are not much better in that one of my twin girls has to go to speech therapy on Tuesday night but Kim let me sneak out for a quick bike ride with the Garmin when I got home from work. I got home and I did about 9.17 miles in 37:47.

Bottom line I love this thing but I have many questions. So here goes (for the millions of people that read my blog).

  1. Can I see splits? Basiclly I would like to see mile splits. Not too worried about the bike but for when I do long runs.
  2. I have heard different opinions about what software to download to. What do you use? I have heard of Sport Tracks, Motion Based, and Garmin Trainer. So far I am using all 3. I am only using the free Motion Based and see that there is a pay site as well.
  3. Can I share my workouts on my blog (I guess what I mean to say is can I link to these sites that I am logging my workout in?
  4. Well I am sure I will think of other questions.

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bigmike600 said...

Awesome. You can make it split automatically by going into training assistant and then there is a setting for auto lap. Turn it on. Then at every mile it will automatically alert you and save your split. Read the owners manual again and again and again and for everything you have a question for, look it up. Yes you can use motion based. It is very easy to use. Now that you have a garmin, your times will get better because you will be able to look down and always know your speed and not have to guess based on your effort. You will be running 5 minute miles before you know it. Good Luck and Good Job Dan. If you have any other questions, just ask.