Monday, June 18, 2007

Weekend re-cap

D.N.S – I think most know that this means “Did not Start”. Yes sorry to say that I got my first DNS. Hopefully the last but who knows. The short story of this is lets just say that Kim and I had a disagreement about how much I have been helping with my husbandly duties with regards to a equal disbursement of household chores. Well to be honest I can’t say it was a disagreement in that I really have been slacking in that department and it is uncalled for. I need to help out more around the house with regards to weekly chores. I would say the split has been getting progressively worse and is probably at about 95% Kim and 5% Dan. So even though she did tell me to go to the race I knew the more prudent thing to do would be to not go and get some of my 4 week old “Honey Do” list done. So yes I did miss the race and lost $50.00 in the process but I feel it was a small price to pay for me to get a kick in my butt.

Here is the weekend wrap up other than above mentioned Saturday Morning. Friday we had a great time at our girl’s pre-school graduation. Kelsey and Caitlyn both did a great job and we were so proud of them. I will post pictures either tonight or tomorrow. We went out to dinner after the graduation and had a great time with our kids and my Mother, Kim’s Mom and Dad, and Aunt Jo.

Saturday afternoon the Karate studio where my kids go to was having their annual picnic on a local lake. Capps Picnic Park What a blast the kids had, as well as Kim and I. We did paddle boating, canoeing (first time I did this), and swimming along with a bunch of other cool activities. When we got home from that around 6:30 pm we were all dead to the world and had a nice quiet night.

Sunday being Fathers day we had a nice day playing around the house and the kids got to play in the slip n’ slide for a while. Kim cooked a great early dinner and her parents came over and ate with us. Then I got out for my first work out of the weekend (not including the canoeing and paddling). I got out and rode my normal 13.1 mile route. I think I came in around 52:00 minutes or so. My Ride

And happy to say that I got up this morning at 5:00 am and got a run in of 3.20 miles. My Run Weight was up a little this morning but not too bad considering I ate a lot over the past 72 hours.

This is a test - Mike I think you helped create a monster.


Bigun said...

life gets in the way - sure enough....

J-Wim said...

Awesome weekend with the kids. I see you're enjoying your Grmin and have the motionbased figured out. And you have your autolap set. I just figured out I HAVE an autolap 2 weeks ago!

bigmike600 said...

Hey to post your garmin data as a photo, get your training center open, then when you have the screen you want, hit ALT and Print screen. Then open MS Paint and go edit, paste and your screen shot will be pasted. THen save it as a JPEG and you can post it like normal. My wife and I would both rather race than clean so we make the kids do it!!

Di aka "Mrs Bigun" said...

Good job Dan- you did the right thing. Sometimes I have felt the same frustration with Bigun. Mostly though he's pretty good at helping out. That's why I am such a big supporter. There are times when you have to realign your priorites. You chose right, good for you!!