Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Tuesday Night Run

Chart from last nights hot and humid 3.22 mile run.

Not a long run but wanted to get out and do something before dark so I went out around 8:15 pm for a 3 miler. Now yesterday was a hot day and at 8:15 it was still 88 degrees but the humidity did drop to about 60%. I figured if I was going to do 3 miles I wanted to push the pace a little. And for the first mile I did just that coming in at sub 9 minute on the first mile. After the first 1/4 I looked down and was at 2 minutes and I wanted to but knew I would not be able to run a 8 minute mile. Second mile was about 9:30 and third mile was 9:59 (I couldn't write 10:00). So I was happy with the run and will try to go for a longer run tonight. Might have to settle for the treadmill depending on what time Kim gets home tonight.

On a side note wanted to mention that I watched Shaq's show last night and was very happy with it. I thought Shaq showed that he really cares about these kids and I think the way the show was presented was very good. Showing the kids getting stress tests and meeting with the Doctors and a nutritionist was a great thing I thought. Hopefully some PARENTS saw the show and realize that they can make some changes in their kids life to help them many years down the road. I will stay with the show and set the DVR to record every week.

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bigmike600 said...

Dude we ran almost identical pace. How bizarre is that? You were probably crusing along with no effort and I was struggling. Man it was hard to run last night