Sunday, July 1, 2007

Weekend in Review

Well I got no workout in on Friday. I had the kids Friday night as Kim had some testing to do Friday evening.

Saturday morning I got up early and so wanted to go ride or run but I let Kim sleep a little later and I got the kids breakfast. Sleeping late in our house is 7am (to put it in perspective). And Kim was testing again in the morning. I mentioned a few weeks ago (I think) that Kim works for a local school district but other districts contact her to do testing on the side. And for what they pay about 2 hours of work she can't pass it up.

Then we went to her cousins house in PA for a BBQ with her family. We had a great time and left around 6:30 to get home to go to see some local fireworks. Kim was going to go to see the fireworks with the kids and her parents and I was going to stay home with the dogs since Tubby the 6 mo old St. Bernard was looked in the bathroom while we at the BBQ. So my plan was to sneak out while they were gone and get in a little bike ride. Well Kelsey put an end to that plan when she said she wanted to stay home with DADDY. Its actually funny that Kelsey wanted to stay with me because she tends to do more with Kim and Caitlyn tends to hang with me more (can't figure out these twins). So two paragraphs later and bottom line no workout Saturday.

So now Sunday comes my usual long run day. Well another test morning for Kim, so I was able to get out for about 5.75 miles. I say about because once again I did not have a properly charged Garmin. I HAVE SAID THIS BEFORE BUT THIS MORNING WAS THE PERFECT RUNNING WEATHER. So came home grabbed a shower and took the kids out to a play ground. Spent some time there and then they wanted to go to "The Purple" playground. Yes they know their playgrounds by colors. So we left and grabbed some happy meals (I had the Southwest Salad) and had a picnic at the purple playground. Spent some time there and went home (turns out Kims testing was canceled so she was happy to have a few hours to clean and hit a few stores. We played games with the kids, I played XBox with them and Kim went for her run. I got the kids bathed and looked at the clock and saw it was about 7:15 still plenty of time to get another run in so that is what I did. I went out for 7 more miles on a newly charged Garmin. So I did get in about 12.75 miles of running today.


GonnaGoRun said...

Good job at getting your miles in yesterday! It was a beautiful day, wasn't it? I was in Valley Forge Park biking and the weather was just perfect.

bigmike600 said... have been just cranking out the long runs. Keep it up. It actually motivates me to go and do a nice long run. I got the rest of the week off after tomorrow and I am going to do a nice big run as well. Good pace too. You'll be a sub 3 hour marathon guy before you know it.

bigmike600 said...

I almost forgot. Thanks about the shoe post. I may go and try some new balance on as I have heard great things about the comfort. Also..your elevation is lower than mine! I thought we were low to sea level. Can you imagine running where Myles and Misty race (up over 6000 feet most of the time). I get out of breath even thinking about it.

Pat said...

I'm amazed you run as fast as you do while keeping your heart rate so low. very impressive. good job.