Monday, June 25, 2007

Half Marathon

Well there it is my longest run of my life. That is in distance and in time. I did 13.13 miles in 2:14:31 on Sunday morning. I didn't get out as early as Saturday but the fact that we had a party the night before and I got out at all is a win. We had a party at our house with Kim's work people that was real fun. Talked to a few people that I hadn't met before and it turns out some are runners and bikers.

Started running around 08:30 am and when I didn't get home by 10:30 am Kim was starting to worry. I am not really training for an event so I was not sure how long I would go for but I felt so good that at mile 11 when I got back to my car I decided that I would keep going. And when I say keep going it was not going to be another 1/2 mile I knew at that point I was going to do a half marathon. The last mile or so I hit a wall but I knew I was going to finish this run so I pushed on. It's funny, trust me I don't care what people think of me when they see me running but I do wonder what I must have looked like when I passed a few runners and walkers going the opposite direction on the path at mile 12. They have no idea that this overweight guy is in mile 12 of a run. They might think boy it's nice that this guy is out running a mile to try and get into shape. Yeah I know it is stupid but I have to think of something to pass the time when I am running.

As for the run as you can see with the chart I was pretty consistent with my mile times and my heart rate. It really went pretty smooth up to the end. The weather was great and I listened to two Steve Runner Pod Cast's to pass the time.

Got home and sat around for about an hour and then took my girls out for the day and Liam and Kim went to a Birthday party that Liam was invited to. Me and the girls went and played miniature golf, I crushed those 5 year olds. Then we went and saw some friends on the way home from golf.

Got home played on the slip and slide (well the kids did), and just hung out to bed time. A nice weekend indeed. Oh yeah I also ate a lot and drank a ton of water.


bigmike600 said...

Holy Crap dude. Nice. I have taken the days off after the fourth of July and if the weather is good I am either going to run a half mary or bike 100 miles. I have not decided which one. Probably will depend on the weather which one I will do. Nice job. Wondering how the legs feel today? I ran a lot last week and my legs are feeling it today man. (secretly it feels pretty good to be sore) Keep it up and I told you that once you get the garmin the run motivation goes way up. At least mine did.

Pat said...

Wow! congratulations on your first half. Very impressive that you did a personal best mileage wise running by yourself and doing it so fast. I remember the first time I did 10. It was pretty lonely out there around mile 7. You can expect to do even better in an actual half with other runners and all the excitement.


Bigun said...

great run! charts and everything...

J-Wim said...

Wow, very impressive. Just up and ran a half, no schwag, no hoopla, no clamoring fan club at the finish line. You are a God!
I have the next several days off to cart my son to football camp an hour away and will need to fill my time.
Thinking about giving her a try myself.

Di aka "Mrs Bigun" said...

I am so impressed!! You are virtually a newbie and already you are mastering your charts!! Congratulations on your first 1/2 marathon. It's awesome!!!!!