Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Monday night bike ride

Just posting the chart now and will report later from work (lunch time of course).

Couple notes on the chart.

#1. Calories burned is very high to me. I would actually guess that the calories burned is about half of what it says - from my expeirence of counting calories.

#2. Where you see the major drops in my speed on the bottom of the chart, I have to cross a busy street. I do bike on a nice bike path but it does cross a few streets along the way. The one stop at 8 miles was a minute stop to drink some cytomax.

Did not get up this morning to run so I will have to do that tonight.


J-Wim said...

-I find calories reported on the Garmin to be WAY high too. Keep using whatever you were using before to gauge calories. I don't rely on Garmin calories at all....... unless I am trying to justify going out to dinner...
-Have you tried setting your Garmin to autostop? Then it stops while you are stopped at intersections and logsmoving time only.

Jace said...

This is great info to know.