Sunday, June 3, 2007

Weekend Recap

Where did the weekend go? Really work should be 4 days and weekends should be 3 days.

Friday night we went out to Dinner when I got home from work and something Kim ate didn't agree with her so when we got home she went straight to bed. So the kids and I played some games until there bed time. Normally I would go to the gym at this point to get a few miles on the treadmill in. But with Kim not feeling good I didn't want to leave her and the kids alone (sounds like a good excuse not to work out to me too).

So then Saturday Liam was having his birthday party at a local amusement park. His birthday was actually March 30th but he wanted the party there and we wanted better weather so a win win I guess. When we got home from that we took a ride to Delaware (about an hour away) because Kim has a interview at Wilmington College this week to start her PHD and wanted to make sure she knew where to go. Found that and went to Pizza Hut in Delaware for Dinner. I guess we ate out a lot this weekend. So Saturday I didn't get to run or ride either.

Sunday Kim's friend was getting married and it was a early ceremony so I got my butt up early and went out for a run. This run ended up being my longest distance and time. I went 11 miles in 2:00:07. I felt great and think if I had more time I could have done a 1/2 Mary today. I listened to 2 episodes of STEVE RUNNER pod cast. We brought the kids to Kim's parents house and went to the wedding. Wedding was great, and what was real cool is that the reception was at the same place as Kim and mine was 10 years earlier. At the reception the plan was that when we got home Kim would go for a run and then I would get to bike after that. Well it was raining softly when Kim left the house and then 10 minute later it was a down pour. Kim got in a few miles and came home. Didn't really let up so no bike for me tonight. Would have been nice to get two good workouts in today but oh well.

I really would love to be able to wake up early during the week and run, but my head just will not come off the pillow. I did run a few times last year during the summer mornings and had great workouts. So I will try again tomorrow. I will let you know how it goes.

I should mention that Kim just finished the couch to 5K program a week ago and went out for 4.25 miles yesterday. Very proud of her (she doesn't read my blog so I am not kissing up to her).

Lets all have a great week.



bigmike600 said...

Thanks for the daily inspiration. I was thinkin about takin today off but now I am not.

J-Wim said...

Yeah for MRs Obrats!