Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Thinking Positive (trying)

Work outs have not been going that great. Well when they happen they are good but the laziness of me has been taking over lately. The positive here is I got my butt to the gym and ran 4 miles on the dreadmill.

Eating was going good last week until the weekend came. And until today that had not gotten back on track. So the positive here is that I did very well today.

The major positive I want to write about is that I recently had blood work done. The last time I had blood work was 11/30.2005 so it has been almost 2 years ago. Well my Total Cholesterol went up. WHAT I have lost 100 or so pounds and it went up? So how is raising your total cholesterol a positive? Well here are the details.

11/30/2005 Total Cholesterol 178 HDL was 39 (good Cholesterol) and my LDL was 125 (bad cholesterol. VLDL (i have no idea what that is) was 14.

9/20/2007 Total Cholesterol 191 HDL is 63 and LDL is 117. It is not on this report but I assume my VLDL is 11 (to make the math work).

So there it is Good Cholesterol went up 24 and Bad Cholesterol went down 8 and VLDL went down 3.

Edited to add: My Triglycerides went from 72 down to 53.


Duane said...

Even though the overall # went up, your HDL went up a lot! And your LDL went down. I'll bet your LDL will drop even more for next time and your overall # will drop. Good job!

Jeff said...

Everything going in the right direction and in the right range! Check this out for normal/optimal ranges:

So, you're a healthy guy!

Pat said...

those are numbers to shout about. I bet it's a challenge working out when the temps fall.

Di aka "Mrs Bigun" said...

Dan - those seasonal blahs are hitting everyone right now. Don't beat yourself up. I have been reading post after post about how the workouts aren't what the norm was a month ago. This too will pass. You'll be back on track in no time.
Your numbers - outstanding.

J-Wim said...

total chol under 200 is good, and the proportions are going in the right directions, so I think it is fine. Was it a fasting result? that makes a difference.
LDL=low density lipoproteins (bad chol)
VLDL=very low density lipoproteins(very bad chol). I think of it as a lower rank of LDL, a number you want to keep seeing go lower.