Sunday, October 28, 2007

Just Things

J-Wim has pointed out in comments that the actual Pete Thomas from Biggest Loser fame has left a comment on my last post. I was wondering when I saw that comment if someone was playing a joke on me. But I will go with it being the real Pete Thomas. So it was real cool mentioning his name and then him commenting on my blog. Thank you Pete for your kind words, you were/are a big inspiration for my weight loss.


Running has been going good again. But for the running to go well, swimming has suffered. I know swimming is an area I need the most work in but I decided I really want to hit the 1000 mile running goal for 2007. After today I will have cut into my deficit by a decent amount. I should only be about 20 miles behind. So anything over 20 for the week works towards the miles that I am lacking.

Today since they canceled our soccer game (fields under water from yesterday) I am not going to do my long run until later. Plan will be to go to Fleet Feet at noon when they open and buy some much needed shoes. So I can run with them this week as I have a 10K next weekend. Should have plenty of time to break them in. Just hope I have better luck with this pair unlike my last pair. I am actually running with my first pair because I have no pain with those as opposed to my 2nd pair that have much less miles.


I made the purchase yesterday and should have my new trainer October 31st. I was on Slow Twitch and saw a post about a trainer for a real low price but they couldn't tell you the brand or price that you had to call for the info. I called and let me say it was a great deal on this trainer. So this will allow me to get some biking in at nights. Especially Mondays as Kim has her PhD class's on Mondays for the next 2 1/2 years and doesn't get home until after 11 pm on that night.

I was thinking about getting the Podium Quest for hydration but I found some info that I was not happy to hear. I don't think it fits on my Aero Bars. Oh well I really like the Podium but I may have to go to another brand.


As mentioned above have not been in a few weeks. I signed up for 3 months at this gym and am not sure if I will continue after December. I have called and left a few messages, also sent a couple of E-mails to try to get some lessons and no one has called me back or emailed me back. So I may make the switch to Rowan University come December.


Last week went well up to Friday night. Friday night was bad and Saturday was not that great either. I will try to do better today and I will be running 10 - 12 miles so I will need to eat a little more today. Just have to make better choices.


Anonymous said...

OOoohh...I love going to Fleet Feet! Getting new running shoes is so fun. Hope you get some good ones for the 10K!

Thanks for visiting my blog :)

Pat said...

I thought you and Pete were tight. I commented on his blog and he was nice enought to respond to me.

I did go see SOMA, but didn't recoginze any of the athletes.

The Scott Family said...

Good idea with the cycle trainer. I need one of those! I tend to skip bike rides during the week cos its either too late and dark or I can't fit the time in. So much easier just to go for a run.

Tri-Dummy said...

You are dishing out the dough and getting some needed gear...great!

You need to email back and see if Pete really posted...that would be cool.

Jeff said...

I vote for the Real Pete!

Steve Stenzel said...

That stinks that no one is getting back to you regarding lessons! I'm trying to get some lessons this winter too, to get better in the water.

WADDLER26.2 said...

Good week recap. Sounds like you ar on top of things.

J-Wim said...

What about your tri club? Is there someone who will do private lessons? That is what Mike did for a while this summer.

Pokey said...

Food choices are my downfall too.

I can exercise my tail off, and then still eat like crap.

BTW, your previous post was awesome. Your journey is SO inspirational and it is great that you made such a great change for both yourself and your family. AWESOME DAN!

Di aka "Mrs Bigun" said...

I thought it was really The Real Pete too!! I clicked on his profile and it all looks legit.

You are doing so awesome Dan. You are an inspiration to many others.