Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween



Things are pretty good over here. My parents came down on Sunday to see the family. Were going to watch the girls soccer game but that was rained out. Didn't rain Sunday but I guess the fields were under water from the previous 2-3 days of rain.


Sunday was planning on running 10-12 miles but I didn't get out early enough so I went when my parents were down so I only did 7.5 so I was not out too long while they visited. I didn't get out early because I wanted to go buy my new running shoes and waited until Fleet Feet opened to do so. So I went back to the Saucony ProGrid Trigon 5 Guide. They are doing the job. Most of my running is now indoors with the exception of weekends. Too dark at night and I just can't seem to get up in the morning. I will be running a 10K on Sunday the Bridge Run this is my first official 10K. I think I am going to push for 55 minutes but we will see if I run long on Saturday how I feel Sunday.


Trainer should be here today.


Type: Package

Status: In Transit

Scheduled Delivery: 10/31/2007


Pretty cool can't wait to start using it.


Mike G sent me a very nice E-mail letting me know if I want his help he would be glad to help after he kicks ass in Florida. I threw in the kick ass part, but he will kick ass down there. He leaves a week from today so please wish him luck at the 70.3 World Championship. He has been working his tail off and you can read all about it on his blog.


Not too bad lately but still can be better and I am logging (most days) and that helps. I have been pretty good about not eating all the candy Kim bought for the trick or treaters so that is a plus.

I was going thru some old photo's, this was 9/11/2005 at Liam's soccer game.


J-Wim said...

Pretty cool. New shoes are alwasy fun!

bigmike600 said...

I was just reading over some of your posts from the last week (I have been trying to do more than sit in front of the laptop for hours) and everything you have done in the past you did for all the right reasons and that is why it was successful. You did it for yourself and nobody else. As much as Pete has inspired you, there are people out there looking at us feeling inspired that if we can do it, they can too.

Oh, my kids are notorious for leaving the toilet much so that I find myself using the tri flush method before I use it. First flush is prior to sitting to ensure it is indeed not clogged. Second is usually referred to as the mercy flush and third one is to get rid of any leftovers.

Hope you weren't eating dinner or anything. Talk to you later.

Jeff said...

Wouldn't even recognize that guy in the Irish shirt! You've come a long way.

Good luck on the bridge run -- I hear rumors it might also be your birthday?

Pokey said...

Who is that Irish guy?


Tri-Dummy said...

Dude. The Irish shirt pic is something else.

In the infamous words of Capri cigarettes....

you've come a long way, baby

Post some pics of your trainer setup when you get it.

ShoreTurtle said...

Happy Birthday! The race was a great way to celebrate.