Saturday, October 13, 2007

Heroes to Hero

Report to come later but for now I just want to say I got a new PR. I finished in 26:38 taking about 19 seconds off my previous PR. More later after Soccer and this place.

Turns out I am not going to Soccer but instead staying home with the girls (daughters and dogs) and then after the game going to with Kim and the kids.

So plan was to leave around 7am to go to the race with the family. Well it was cold and one of the kids was still sleeping so I talked Kim into staying home. So I ate my oatmeal, drank a Cytomax and off I went. I got there real early but this is a small city with not a lot of parking so I brought my newspaper and hung out in my car for about a half hour. It was time to go so I got going, hit the port-a-potty and got on the bus to the start line. Got up there in good time this year as I knew later there would be a long line waiting for a bus (I learned the hard way last year). Got to the start line saw some guys from the Thursday night running group and talked to them up to the start. They had the National Anthem and some words about the firemen who the race is in memory of and we were about to go.

SO HERE IS MY ONLY COMPLAINT. They make an announcement that there is no mat at the start of the race (yes we had chips on). And that they needed to make cuts on expense this year and that there is only a mat at the end. I don't know what the timing company charges for a mat at the start but I can't imagine it is that much of a savings. To me and everyone around me it didn't make that much sense to have a chip, sure it helps at the end to not need to be in a line at the chute but if you are having chip timing do it right. OK COMPLAINT DONE.

So we start and after a few seconds to get to the start I press the Garmin and off I went. Went very good after the first 1/4 mile of getting around people who should not have started where they did (OK I guess I had another complaint, but that is every race). I felt great for the first mile and was happy with my time. The support for this race was great, many volunteers, local people were out, and how many times do you see 3 water stops in a 5K? I even skipped the middle one as I didn't need it as I just had water 1/2 mile earlier (but nice to know I had the option). Oh also there was music along the way as well. I got to mile 2.5 and felt tired but knew a PR could be had if I keep up the pace. So I did keep it up and had plenty of other runners around me to push forward. I turned the corner and the finish line was only about 50 yards so I sprinted forward to the finish. My Garmin was 26:38 and the chip was 26:44 (I will verify this when official results are up).

As last year they had a GREAT post run party. Plenty of food, drinks, and other goodies. I didn't have one but plenty of beer flowing as well. I hung out a little wanting to see if I had any chance of top 3 in Clydesdale. Last year I was 10th so I figured I was (hopefully) top 10 again. I verified I was not top 3 so home I went (give Kim some relief). Last year I ran this in 30:02 (2nd race ever) so I am very happy with the improvement.

Only one race left for the year. I will be doing a 10K on my birthday, November 4th.


Pat said...

congrats. Always nice to get to run in a race that is so beneficial. And to PR too.

tomorrow I run in the Race for the Cure. But, it will be so packed, I doubt I'll PR. It's a fun run.

Jeff said...

Way to go on the PR, Dan. Can't wait for the full report. Agree with you on the mat thing -- how do they not have one at the beginning? Only thing I can think is that it eliminates the need to calc chip times, since everything is then clock time.

J-Wim said...

Our race today only had one mat too. I agree, go big or go home on the chip timing.
Nice PR and yeah for consecutive year races!

bigmike600 said...

Alright I'm going to have to go Tanya Harding on you if we ever race. That's an age groupers time. You sure you are still over 200? I did a 5K today and it was harder than I remember. Nice job. I'm going to have to really work hard this winter.

Di aka "Mrs Bigun" said...

nice race Dan!! Good job on the PR too - you are right on the timing mat thing - HELLO!! I know the RD's have a tough job, lots of indians wanting to play chiefs but, the starting mat thing, doesn't make sense.
You did great!