Saturday, October 6, 2007


OK well here is where the problem with eating always comes into play. Day started great, I had my oatmeal in the morning and the whole family headed out to a Team Triumph Track Meet. This was really for the kids but the adults got to do some sprints as well.

My kids had a ball at this event. I think they immediately perked up when they saw these huge trophies that were lined up on the table. The kids did a bunch of different races and really got a work out. I do think they all liked the long jump the best, one big sandbox. There were Philly Soft Pretzels, water, juice boxes, banana's and Munchkins. I had a pretzel, banana and water, not too bad yet. I ran a few 100 yard sprint relay's a 200 yard sprint relay and a adult/kid relay. Doing the sprinting really made me realize that I need to get to a track and do speedwork once a week. Again this was a great event that the team put on and every kid walked away with a certificate and a trophy.

So here is where it fell apart for me and my eating. And you will notice the lack of chart below to show you how many calories I ate. I couldn't log them quick enough. See we were having a small get together at our house with us and six friends. The in-laws were taking the kids for the night so I drove them to the in-laws and Kim and I got ready for the gathering. So Kim loves to entertain and is great at it so I knew there would great food and plenty of it, and there was. People were coming at 7:00 pm and I was picking at food from 3 pm until everyone left at around 11:30. I don't drink much any more so only had the equivalent of about a half a drink but I probably ate about 4000 - 5000 calories. One of our guest brought desserts from a great bakery from Central Jersey called Mendokers that were out of this world. And of course Kim had some of her own home made desserts as well.

So that was my Saturday eating.

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