Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I had always heard that dogs are natural diggers but this picture I snapped yesterday confirms it.

That is our 10 month old St. Bernard "Tubby". As you can see in the picture she apparently was trying to dig a hole to hide my grill cleaner. Luckily I have another one.

And below is her partner in crime our 3 year old Black Lab "Melmo".


K80K said...

What beautiful dogs. Love the shovel. :) Smart point in getting the paws dirty is there?

J-Wim said...

Gorgeous pups Dan. The grill cleaner would be irrestible, I can see that.
My dog likes to eat electronic items - every remote control in our house is missing either a corner or has the buttons shaved off (the part that marks what button it is...). She also ate my Garmin once (I am on Garmin #2) and took my iPod out for a spin.
Surprisingly, she really prefers to eat anything that belongs to me. I'm not sure why I love her but I do.

Pokey said...

That picture is hilarious! You have a very technologically-saavy pooch!!!

I am so jealous...I LOOOOOOOOOOVE St. Bernards!!!!!!!!!