Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Can I get a do over for yesterday?

It started bad and got worse but then got better.

So yesterday started with Liam waking up later than normal for school. Plenty of time to get him ready and on the bus but I will be rushed. So girls are dressed, ate breakfast, and are ready so they are out of the way and done.

As I am upstairs getting Liam's clothes for school he yells up stairs to me that he clogged the toilet downstairs. I told him to close the lid so the dogs don't decide to take a drink and I will take care of it before I leave. So he gets dressed and I get him breakfast and make my lunch to bring to work. We leave to get him on the bus (and then I drive the girls to the sitter) and of course I forgot about the bathroom. So my mother-in-law picks the girls up from the sitters and brings them home gets them lunch and on the bus for afternoon kindergarten. Well in the mean time one of the girls goes potty and flushes the toilet and there is a mess all over the place. So M.I.L not happy that she has to clean it but what made it worse is my "Girls" throw daddy right under the bus telling Mom Mom, that Liam told daddy it was clogged. Hey thanks girls.

So Kim obviously takes the call from her Mom about it and takes the earful that I should be getting. Which in turn I will be getting later.

So if this was the worse thing to happen it would not be that bad.

So Liam had a Dentist appointment Monday afternoon that we told him I would pick him up from school for. I forgot to send him in with a note so I figured I would pick him up form the bus and drive him to the appt and we would still be fine for time. School policy is no note that you will be picked up you have to take the bus. I think it is a great policy so I forgot the note my bad. Well girls get off the bus and no Liam (MIL still there as she usually gets the kids off the bus and waits for Kim to get home). She takes the girls I get in the car thinking no problem he will be waiting for me at the school with a teacher and I might get yelled at for being late to pick him up. Even though he did not have a note that he would be picked up. So I start driving to school which is only a mile away but crosses a 35 MPH road with no crossing guard or traffic light. So you can image the fear as I get to said road (Chestnut Street) and see Liam walking and already across Chestnut Street. I was so pissed. At myself, at the school, at him. I didn't show him I was pissed at him as I think he was a little scared even though he said he was not. The important thing is he was OK but the things that go through you mind of what could have happened. I get that I am a somewhat over protective father but we live in a different time then when I grew up and although we live in a good area anything can happen anywhere.

I took him to the Dentist and when we got home I told Kim (at this point she has no idea that he was allowed to walk home and has not gotten to "reprimand" me for the bathroom incident. But when I tell her she is quite upset with the school and called the principal (who was still there) and "discussed" it with him. He agreed that it should not have happened and said he would deal with it.

But for the record I do take responsibility for not writing the note but the note would have been for him to be picked up and not allowed to walk home. Not to mention that without a note he is not allowed to NOT get on the bus.

I also missed my workout, but I said it got better and I missed the workout because I lost track of time cuddling with Kim after the kids went to bed.

The top of the picture is the school, the yellow thingy is where I saw Liam, the red thingy is our house. And no we do not live under dirt google is just out of date.


Pat said...

Good thing Liam is ok. I assume there's an adult crossing guard at that road?

Some days are just hectic. Glad you and the misses are happy.

Jeff said...

Can only imagine how hard it was to show him how pissed you were. I feel for you, man.

Pokey said...

You know the saying Been There, Done That? Soooooooooo true. Your post could have been an excerpt out of my life too!

I am glad Liam is okay; dont be to hard on yourself. I would be mad at the school though...not sure how old Liam is, but I wouldnt want my gradeschooler just walking home alone!!!

Over protective is okay. I am too. :)

Tri-Dummy said...

Two things...
I told him to close the lid so the dogs don't decide to take a drink and I will take care of it before I leave. ---my dogs would have a SNACK, not a drink. Gross.

You titled your post "do over." I think Doo Over or Doo Doo Over would have been more appropriate, bro.

Marcy said...

Thanks for stopping by!

OMG sounds like a day!! The joys of parenting and taking care of a household, eh?