Monday, September 3, 2007



I did the last Thursday night Browning Ross Summer Sizzler 5K. Well having run the Race For Tony 5K the night before I was planning on going slow. Then Big Mike sent me a comment to go out fast, and hang on at the end. I thought that sounded good so that was the plan. I got to the race and couldn't beleive how many people were there this week. Turns out there were 96 runners this week. One week we only had 15, so 96 was quite a turnout.

So off we went and I "Tried" to go out quick but I just did not have it. First mile was 9:20, followed by 9:27, and a 9:35. I was able to sprint the last .10 in 41 seconds. So final time was 29:03 to finish 89th out of 96. No awards for me on this day. These races will continue in December and go thru January on Sundays at 1pm. Official results here.


An off day.


Another off day but I did go check out a local Sprint Triathlon. The race was too start at 8 am but probably started closer to 8:30. I was going so that I can experience a Tri and also so that I can cheer on some Team Triumph members. There were a whole lot of them in this race. I got to say hello to a few that were not doing the race but there to cheer as well. One of the girls just got back from doing the Louisville Ironman so it was cool to congratulate her.

One of the members, Mike, is a favorite in most Tri's around here. He managed to take 2nd place and is a real animal (that is meant in the best of ways). He is a machine, and a very focused athlete. I heard a rumor that after the race he was headed out for a 50 mile training ride for an upcoming race in Florida.


I set out for my long run. Was going to do 10 miles this week (I am not on a set program just doing what I think I should do for the 1/2 marathon). I ended up doing 10.75 miles, the weather was incredible and basically no humidity. What a difference a week makes with the weather. I did this run at an 10:07 pace which is great for me at that distance.


As I type this at 12:30, I hope to get out later for a recovery run but the pain is back from last week's recovery run.


J-Wim said...

Great week so far.
Sounds like you have been bit by the tri bug - be careful it has a crack-like effect.

Mary Sunshine said...

GREAT JOB at the races this week!

Jeff said...

Haven't gone to see any races other than ones I've participated in, but it does seem like fun. I'm thinking about volunteering at the Baltimore Marathon next month. (Is October really next month?)

I was doing the Higdon plan training for Philly and you're actually ahead of the plan. He had 9 miles this weekend passed and 10 for next weekend, then taper to the race.


Di aka "Mrs Bigun" said...

Is Mike doing the 1/2 IM in Clermont FL? We'll be there!

You had a pretty event filled few days there. Did you enjoy the Tri?