Sunday, September 30, 2007

Longest Ride Ever

I met up with 3 other Team Triumph members this morning for a long ride (well long ride for me). Riding this morning were Mike G, Dee, and Candace. Keep in mind that up to this point I have between 100-150 bike miles under my belt and have never rode in a group (other than a race). No that is not how many miles I have this week but this year. And longest ride to date has been 15 miles so I knew I was setting a PR in distance today. We got all set and off we went.

We rode on some nice country rodes that didn't have much traffic at all. I settled in, as the last rider and was doing good for the first 15 miles. I was starting to get tired and fell back a little (O.K a lot). So we get to 17 miles and I had a thought that hey maybe we are doing a loop and we will be doing about 30 miles. Of course we live in a world of reality and I knew this was an out and back course. I got to 20 miles and I was so hoping that they turned around. Well about a mile later Dee and Candace turned around. Mike is training for Ironman half World Championships so he was going longer and then hitting us on his way back (yes he is that fast). I turned around and started back the other way. So I am tired but I know I am 20 miles from my car and the fastest way back was to suck it up and go. The ladies went ahead and circled back when I fell to far back. We stopped for a few minutes at mile 28 and I drank all my gatorade. I pushed again for the next 4 miles and then it really hit me that I was spent. Mike caught us at this point and asked if I ate anything on the bike. I had not so he gave me a GU that I gladly accepted. He let me know that we ONLY had about 9 miles left. Those 9 miles were very hard and I let Mike know I knew the way back so he and the girls went ahead a little but Mike would circle back to see if I was OK. Finally I saw the school where my car was and it was a great feeling knowing I just completed 41.5 miles.

Well it is 2 1/2 hours later and I am happy to be sitting on a recliner with my laptop watching NFL football. I burned many calories today but I think I ate about 1/2 of them back already.

It was nice to push myself on this ride I do think I bit off more than I could chew and hope I didn't mess up the groups workout too much in doing so.

What did I learn today?

I need to buy a cycling jersey to hold food for the ride. (UPDATE: Kim came home with a cycling jersey today for me. I think she likes me).
I need to buy aero bar water bottle.
Don't do the whole ride with the chain on the top ring (front).
Find slower team members (this might be hard).

The numbers. I forgot to turn off for the 5 minute stop.


The Scott Family said...

Great ride! :)

Oly distance triathlon next?

Pokey said...

Great ride Dan!

The past couple weeks I have done my longest runs EVER - and they were all with my group - and it is amazing to me what we are capable of doing in a GROUP setting, that we probably wouldnt do on our know?

Way to allow yourself to be will serve you well!

Congrats on the great ride!

Pat said...

that's a lot of mileage. good job. I bet you're sore now.

WADDLER26.2 said...

Good job on the ride! Everyone learns as they go-you're catching on for sure.

Jeff said...

Way to go Dan -- 41 miles -- very impressive. Biking with a group is a totally different dynamic, for sure.

How are you feeling today?

bigmike600 said...

Eat and drink on the bike. It's important to keep from bonking. Nice ride. I have not gone much over 30 miles in weeks.

K80K said...

Woo wee the furthest I have ever ridden is 12 miles and I thought that was something. Not sure I could make it 41. Congrats! And congrats on the new jersey too. :)

Duane said...

Way to go!

J-Wim said...

I vote to ride with people that are faster.
And for you to eat something.
(both will make you faster in the long run.... er, ride)

Emil Von Asskick said...

Awesome ride man. You have no fear when it comes to training.