Saturday, September 8, 2007

Mike tell's me it is all about the shirts.

I think he is right.

Above is the collection of them all. Top row is from 2006, and bottom is, you guessed it, 2007.

The 8 Browning Ross runs I ran this year did not have shirts, what do you want for 5 bucks.

Favorite shirts are top row middle, I like it because it is long sleeve, and bottom row left, because it is a Tech shirt.

Least favorite are top right, and bottom 2nd from left, just thought that for going into Philly and paying as much as I did for those races I would have got a better shirt.

Stay tuned I have a busy day but I do have a 5K race report coming up. Oh and there just may be a PR in said report.

OK I am horrible at keeping secrets so I will just tell you I ran a 26:54 today.
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Jeff said...

I actually have the same Rothman shirt from last year. Was supposed to do the race but came up with a kidney stone that kept me home. My buddy ran the marathon and they let him pick up my packet.

Only have a couple of shirts so far, but I'm keeping count (2). (Of course, I don't count the Rothman since I didn't actually do it.)

Pat said...

congrats on the PR. My wife promised me she'd make a quilt out of my shirts. I probably have about 15 now,so it'll be a nice size quilt. I made a slide show of mine.

Can't wait for the race report.

J-Wim said...

Mike has shaped the development of yet another TShirt Whore!
I love the jet prpelled wheelchair - cool!

Di aka "Mrs Bigun" said...

It is all about the T. Bigun has so many - and I have worked for 14 long hard years to rid his closet of T-shirts. Now, he's getting them small enough for me. Gee Thanks!! LOL No, I like the cool T's, but the others, like your Philly one, I could use for cleaning purposes. Bigun has so many, he won't miss a dozen or so...