Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Tuesday night swim

Plan was to run at Liam's soccer practice and then go swim at G.C.I.T. When I got to the practice stomach was not feeling right. The feeling that told me if I try to run I may be making a mad dash to the woods (I truly hope you don't have that picture in your head all day). So I watched the practice and I am the parent that helps out when needed. And coach asked me to take a group and do some drills with them. So I felt like I did something.

Got home from soccer and off to the pool I went. Driving there I realized I forgot my new goggles (that sucks) so I would not get a chance to swim with my head in the water. Oh well you make the best of it and I swam with my head above water again. I managed to do 40 laps (25 yards each).

I sent an email yesterday regarding getting some swim lessons there. A few lessons will really do me good.

Tonight Team Triumph has a monthly meeting that I plan on attending. They have a Tri coach giving a speech on off season training. So I hope to pick up a few good tips tonight. Also just looking to meet some of the members that I "see" on the team message board. Then plan is to go to the gym and hit the treadmill after the meeting.

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