Monday, September 10, 2007

Weekend Recap with Race Report

Race Report

Not much of a race report as this was to be a small race that I was going to do because -

1. It was about 4 minutes from my house.
2. It was for a good cause and
3. A friend from Runners World was doing the race with her DH, yes same two that did the Race for Tony a few weeks back.

Although I was trying to eat good on Friday night to be ready for the race, the Oreo cookies and milk were just calling my name at about 9:30 pm watching the Rutgers Football Game. No I did not just have one or two I had TEN, and did I mention Double Stuffed (no I guess I left that out). So that was that.

Woke up early and Kim went for a run and when she got back I went and signed up for the race. I came home packed the kids and Kim in the car and went to the race. This was a very small not very well publicized race. To be honest if not for a friend I would not have known about it and it is literally about 5 miles from my house. So we got there and talked to a few people that I actually know now. It is funny how in this small race I actually saw 3 others from my Thursday night race series, these guys run about 100 races a year (no joke).

Off we go and I started out real fast, kind of what Mike wanted me to do last week but I couldn't. Mile 1 was 8:17, yes super fast for me, followed by a 8:46, and 8:44. The last .10 or should I say .15 as it turned out, was a 1:07. I honestly would have been pissed if I didn't break 27 becasue the course was marked wrong. But I didn't have to worry about that. Official time is 26:57, and I finished 26th out of 50 runners. I almost cracked the top half for the first time. I got done and asked Bill (DH of friend from RW) how he did and he smiled and told me he won. Way to Go Bill. Official results here. Note to Race Director (yes I know we are there for the cause) I understand not having water on a 5K course (although it would have been nice) don't make the winner walk 1/4 mile to go get a bottle of water after the race. I think Bill had to go get the cooler and bring it to the finish line so everyone else did not have to walk the 1/4 mile like he did.

The rest of the weekend was very busy. After the race Kim went with the girls and her parents to her Uncle John's for a party and swimming. I went to Liam's soccer game with him (they got killed) and then went to Uncle John's to be with the family. Got home late Saturday and woke up Sunday for a long run. I got in 10.5 miles and felt very good during the run. Foot problems later after stopping and sitting. Then the girls had there soccer later in the day. They have a great coach (yes me - I know nothing about soccer - I coached wrestling for 10 years). They don't keep real score at this age so every game ends in a "tie" (but we got killed also).

I watched some of the IM MOO on the computer last night tracking some of the bloggers that I stalk.


bigmike600 said...

You broke 27 you dog. I may have to give up the swim and bike and just focus on my run. Nice job.

Di aka "Mrs Bigun" said...

Congrats on the race time!! That is awesome Dan!!
Sorry I missed you chatting with Bigun the other night, I heard the chiming of the IM and thought it was JTri. I would have popped in and chatted with you too if I had known. I'm always the last to know. ;)

Emil Von Asskick said...

Thanks for stopping by and giving advice. I'm a little thick headed at times but I'd never pass up a chance to at least listen to advice.

I have been following a tempered version of your jump in with both feet mentality to start my training and it's been successful so far. Sometimes I find my redline and sometimes I cross it, either way it's still a win.

Emil Von Asskick said...

Good luck on the half mary this weekend! You're definitely inspiring!

Pat said...

Good luck with the Philly Distance Classic. Elite puts on a great race. The Fans, bands and the entire experience is incredible when you do one of these Rock and Roll runs.