Saturday, September 22, 2007

Just some quick thoughts tonight.

Back in August I had my bike fitting done and got those "what ever you call them pedals" that hook into your shoes. Well now that the half marathon training is over I finally got out on the bike. Went for a nice easy 13 miler this afternoon. And surprise, surprise I went over once with the new pedals. I am sure if you had a video of me you could win a few bucks from AFV. But all and all it was a good ride just got to get better with the pedals.

Bought goggles today at REI. So hopefully that will help with the swimming. Hey it can't hurt my swimming.

Oh by the way I may have purposely forgot to mention that tomorrow I am doing this. I was content with not doing a TRI until next year but I found out Jay from Calorie King was traveling from Albany NY to do this (his first) so I had to do it. So as you can imagine I am nervous and just hope to finish the race. If I get past the swim I should be OK. Full report tomorrow.

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J-Wim said...

Clipless pedals, just the opposite of what you would think they should be called.
A zero mph tumble oficially intitiates you into the club you know - we've all been there!