Thursday, August 30, 2007

Run For Tony 5K


Who is Tony?

This article will give you the incite of who Tony is. To be honest with you I had to read it myself because I had not known either. The quick version is Tony broke his neck when he was 11 years old playing with his friends. He is in a wheel chair but has dreams of walking some day. Here is a quote from him from the article-

"I believe when you stop setting goals/dreams for yourself you're close to death," said Tassogloy. "I'm not a quitter, never have, never will."

About the Race.

I had not pre-registered for the race so wanted to get to the race early enough to get a shirt. Yes I do love the shirts. Maybe not as much as this guy, but close. Mission accomplished I got my shirt but had about an hour to wait before the race. Being that it was hot out I went to my car put on the air and listened to my radio. Put my bib on and drank water. Got out of the car about 6:30 to use the port-a-potty and proceeded to look my keys in my car. Was not too worried as plenty of Haddon Heights finest around that I would just ask one of them to help me after the race. And when you think about it I didn't really have any where to put my keys so it might have been the best move of the night for me.

Watched the kids run the one mile race and laughed to myself knowing that I could not beat these kids in a one mile race. I think the girl who won finished in about 6:30 or so and she didn't look older than 9.

Well headed to the starting line and ran into D and her husband B and talked to them for a few minutes. I know D from HERE, funny thing is we live about a mile apart and met on a forum with people from all over the world. I run into her and her DH on the bike path once in a while. Both are way too fast for me to actually run WITH them.

I went to the back of the pack and saw a guy that runs in the Thursday night races. So we went off together and chatted for the first mile. We had to do a lot of dodging as in most races people just love to start where they shouldn't. After the first mile I felt that he was holding back (he usually finishes 3 minutes ahead of me on Thursday) so I told him to go and not to worry about me. Well he was gone.

Nice run through a nice town, pretty un eventful actually. Saw a few people from TT, some running and some cheering. Talked to a few of the TT guys after the race. Very nice people and I look forward to seeing more of this group next year.

Came in at 28:34 clock time (no chip) but 28:16 on Garmin which I did turn on and off correctly. So I will go with the 28:16 for the side bar if that is OK with everyone.

I finished 411 out of 606.

After the race a nice officer assisted me with the door lock and I got my key changed my shirt and went back to have some pasta and a beer with D and B. We listened for the results, clapped and home I went. Kids were sleeping so I didn't get the "daddy did you win the race?" from them like I do on Thursday nights.

Tonight I will do the Browning Ross Summer Sizzler 5K finale. Will take it slow (I say that now). But that pain in the foot I spoke of from Sunday, well didn't feel a thing yesterday.


bigmike600 said...

The shirts aren't everything....THEY'RE THE ONLY THING!!!
You have really kicked some ass this summer. You have not had a time over 29 in forever. That is excellent. Glad you got your keys out....FYI if you ever have to break a window to get your keys out, break the door glass. Don't ever break the little traingle piece (vent glass) or the quarter glass (the one that covers the cargo area on most SUV's) Those suckers can be hundreds and hundreds of dollars and the door glass usually runs around 150 bucks installed. pays to be a glass guy.
Just for fun..Go out tonight as fast as you can and see how long you can sustain it then just try to hang to the end.

Pat said...

Shirts are the bomb. metals are pretty cool too, even if they only hang on the wall.

My kids never ask if I won. Well, they do with softball, but not running.

Congrats with the Yanks. You gotta love sweeping Boston.

Jeff said...

Nice run, Dad. Glad to hear the pain hasn't returned.

My kids ask about winning, too.

Gotta get more shirts!

Tony Tassogloy said...

I apologize if it is a little too late of a response. I am really glad all of you had a nice time at the race and that you enjoy the designs of my T-shirt's. I work very hard to come up with something original, humorous or something to do with current events in our world today. Thank you all for your participation and support. It is most appreciated.