Thursday, September 27, 2007

I think I will need a part-time job. Maybe another full time job.

As “off season” approaches I was thinking about all the things I would go out and buy if money was not an issue. Lets face it it is not everyday you have a 10 year wedding anniversary and get one of these. So for now I will have to only dream of some, but some will happen.

For the Swim.

1. Lessons. Most important thing I need here to help me for next year is lessons. This will be done this fall. I think this will be money well spent.
2. A wet suit. Not sure if I will get one for next year or wait until 2009. I could always rent if need be.
3. A Tri Suit. This I will get for next year. Just want to see if I have any luck with losing another 30 pounds first.

For the Bike.

1. Bike Trainer. This is going to be crucial for the winter and Monday nights because Kim started her PhD program and will be at class on Monday nights for the next 2 + years.
2. Aero Bar Water Bottle. Will get this by the spring.
3. Zipp wheels. Yeah I know this is a pipe dream, but if they happen to fall from the sky and land on my bike I am not going to complain. Maybe I should contact Zipp and see if I tattoo ZIPP on my forehead they will give me a set. No this one will probably never happen.
4. Probably could use a computer for the bike but for now the Garmin forerunner 305 is fine for me.

For the Run.

1. Shoes. Just keep getting shoes every 400 miles or so.
2. Cold weather gear. Can never get enough cold weather gear.
3. Tri Suit. (see Swim # 3.)

I am sure there is more but I came up with this on my lunch hour (1/2 hour).


Pat said...

that bike stuff gets pretty expensive. they rent those expensive wheels at tri events for $140 a day. wow!

you know the list will grow and grow.

The Scott Family said...

Love the idea of tattoing Zipp on your forehead :) lol to get some race wheels. Probably worth it me thinks! :)

Duane said...

Happy anniversary and nice bike!

Jeff said...

Impressive list. Yeah, running is sure a helluva lot cheaper.

What's the deal with the tri suit -- do you not change from swim to bike to run? Does it dry that quickly?

bigmike600 said...

No off season dude. Just a different season of indoor punishment to the body. Work hard in the winter for good results in the summer. Get the Blackburn model trainer. Don't get a fluid one. The Blackburn simulated road riding really good.
Tri suit is a good idea. Wet suit too if you do any early or late tri's where the water is cold. Even if you do a lake swim somewhere the water stays pretty cold.

regina said...

Big fan of the cateye computer, work really well and can take a beating (since I use them on my mtb as well). I'd go for a wired version though. I have a wireless one for one fo my road bikes and it goes all wacky if I take in in our home office. Other signals mess it up. Wires are safer.

J-Wim said...

If you are using the cateye to track indoor miles on the trainer, be sure to get one that mounts to the rear wheel.
Nice list. It's not big enough though. :-)