Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Spreading the wealth

I have mentioned here before that I am a member of Calorie King (CK). Calorie King is a weight loss site (a pay to use site). I attribute a lot of my weight loss success to CK. I have not been spending as much time as I used to on Calorie King but I do try to stop by and see how people are doing over there. I posted for the members asking them to come check out my blog entry regarding the PDR 1/2 Marathon. Well a few did and I would like to share a message I got from one member that really made me feel great. A little about Roger if he don't mind. Roger is a 49 year old family man that 10 months ago decided to change his life. So through diet and exercise he has managed to so far loss 65 pounds. Rogers has recently completed his 2nd 10K and is really working hard. As I have told you on CK Roger you are doing great so keep up the great work.

Below is what Roger said that really made me know that I am making a difference in not only my life but just maybe in the life of others.

Dan that is fantastic and a great accomplishment. As I look back on my time at CK let me also add thank you for being one of the first here to inspire me to run. Your guidance went a long way to seeing me through the transition from couch potato to runner. I still have a way to go but as you celebrate your accomplishment please know you share in mine too. Without your experience and help I would not have made it.

You have a victory this weekend as not only a runner but a coach as well. Thank you.


No Roger thank you.



Roger said...

Dan you have helped many people with your guidance and motivation not only with running but with weight loss. No thank you to me will ever be required as you have helped me find something I did not know I had in me.

Let me also add those look like 3 wonderful kids All they need now is Red Sox shirts. LOL

Keep up the great work. You lead by example and I hope that I can follow and inspire others as much as you did me.


Pat said...

the internet is one huge circle. Just as someone is helping us, we are helping others. the reason any of us read your blog, Dan is because you truly are an inspiration.

And, oh by the way, you are in second place in our "Fantasy Biggest Loser League". congrats.

Di aka "Mrs Bigun" said...

I think everyone needs someone to help inspire change in their life. How incredible you are Dan. You were inspired and now, you are inspiring.

J-Wim said...

Very Cool.

EL said...

I think both you and Roger are absolutely inspirational!

Luv ya CK'er,