Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Marathon race report, unfortunaetly not mine.

I was reading a Marathon race report today from Callie (her Blog). Callie is one of 5 ladies that I credit for getting me running. Kim if you are reading this no I was not chasing them. They are all Calorie King members and were runners. I would follow their running conquers and decided I could give it a try.

Callie just completed her 2nd marathon, this from a person who 3 years ago was 90 pounds over weight and in her words "never run farther than to the refrigerator when I needed an ice cream fix". Well Callie has become quite a runner and in this race was looking to BQ (Boston Qualify). You should read her race report for all the details and to see how she made out in her quest.

Also check out this story from MSN on Callie.

For the record the other ladies are Trishie, Becky(not updated) , Tory, and Monica.


Spandex King said...

Sure, I bet. Stalker Alert!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Dan. You're quite the inspiration yourself, and I really appreciate the 'shout out'.