Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Quick update

Last week I got in 25.25 miles of running which puts me back on pace for 1000 miles for the year. That is good.

I did no Biking or Swimming for the week. I think until I actually go over 1000 miles that will be the norm for me.

Eating is good during the week up until about 9 pm and then I hit the left over candy. And the weekends are pretty bad with eating.

I only had to add 25 cents to the jar yesterday. Of course I was at work and only saw the kids for a few hours so that helped.

Have a soccer dinner tonight with Liam and then I will hit the gym for some treadmill miles (fun).

That's it for now.


TrainingtoTri said...

It's hard to get all the miles in. I try and get in at least 20, but I would much rather be running 30. I think I will aim for 20-25 all winter and try and step it up in the spring


Jeff said...

Looks like a good week, Dan. Kicking butt on the miles. You ain't got nothin to worry about to hit that 1000 miles. (I'll mail you a quarter!)

daleenrupp said...

Hey Dan!

I just dropped by to say great job on your miles! Almost to 1000! Can. You. Do. It??? Wooo hooo! Of course you can!!!

I read through some of your recent entries. Was Amy Lancetta your speech therapist? She is one of my closest friend's sister. I know she is a speech pathologist, and I am pretty sure she still works over at your kids' school.

I ran the bike trail and it felt like a wind tunnel today! Ugggghh. Winter is almost here. Hopefully, I will "run" into you soon. You know me -- I'll be bundled up in a hat, gloves and at least 2 layers.

I'll be keeping my eye out for that 1000th mile...

Duane said...

Good job on the running!

cindy said...

Great running!

Candy is just so yummy after 9pm. I totally understand.

Iron Eric said...

Sneaking the candy in late at night. Nice!!

IronTriTim said...

1000 miles great going. What are your goals for next year? Marathon?

Cheryl said...

Awesome mileage, Dan! I know you'll reach 1000. (That boggles my mind!) And thanks for visiting my blog. :-)

bigmike600 said...

Nice mileage. I have only broken the 25 mile week a few times in the past year.

I've been a grumpy bastard lately and if I had a swear jar here....It would be full.. In fact you better toss a quarter in yours for me. I have to learn to control myself when I get angry...The swear words flow out like chocolate on ice cream.

I wish my eating on the weekends was better too. By the way..what kind of candy? I think what a person eats for candy tell something about them.

WADDLER26.2 said...

Great mileage.

I eat worse on the week-ends also.

Pokey said...

GREAT miles Dan!

Weekends are always rough...esp around the holidays.

Tri-Dummy said...

Dude. You ain't been sayin' too many bad words.

You ain't been holdin' back on the running either.

I'm glad I ain't got any swear jar at my house.

I'm guessin' you ain't gonna read this comment out loud.