Friday, July 6, 2007

Browning Ross Summer Sizzler 5K

So last night weather held out and I did the Browning Ross Summer Sizzler 5K

that is run on Rowan Universities Campus. So last week I turned in a PR of 28:31 and was not sure if I could PR again but I was OK with that. Seemed to be about 30 or so people again. Trust me when I tell you this I am pretty sure that I am the only Clydesdale there. There are some serious runners at this event believe it or not. I don't care I am there for me. So I pay my $5.00 and am ready to go.

It was humid last night but I would say it was not as hot as last week. I found the guy that I ran with the previous week and tried to stay with him. (I passed him in the last 1/4 mile last week). Well he went out hard and I quickly knew I was not over taking him today but I would just try to do my best. I didn't really run with anyone, and would say that guy was bout 30 yards ahead of me at all times and another guy was about 30 yards behind me the whole race. I felt that the guy behind me was gaining on me by mile 2 and knew that I was not going to hold off this guy. I was right and he passed me about the same spot that I passed the guy last week.

Due to "mechanical error" aka user error my Garmin did not start recording the distance correctly. I had the time right but not the distance and was off by about 0.12 on the miles (so I will post the chart but it is not correct on splits). There was a lady there at mile two telling you your time and her and my Garmin were right on as I crossed the two mile mark at 17:46, yes this is very fast for me and I really would have loved to know what I did the first mile in. Well I finished the race in 27:46 for another PR (by about 45 seconds. Don't look for the same result next week. He does post the result and here are last weeks official results. I did not get a prize this week as they were all gone when my time came to pick. Oh well I got the best prize in knowing my pace for the race has a 8 in the front. OK so it is a 8:58 but it is still an 8.

Looks like this weeks results are up CLICK HERE


J-Wim said...

Yeah for PR, yeah for first place Clyes, yeah for 8's!
You had an excellent run!

bigmike600 said...

Dude you are kicking tail in those 5K races. Nice pace. I know how hard it can be to stay sub 9 min miles and sustain them. I know you have a sub 25 min 5K in you too. Maybe by next summer? Keep it up.

The Scott Family said...

Very inspiring blog ... I have set up an RSS feed (just learnt how to do this - even impressed my 10 year old son) and so I will be following your progress. I've just got below the 200lbs and looking to shed maybe another 10. My 5K PB is similar to yours - my goal is to go sub 25 which I'm hoping to achieve in our upcoming New Zealand summer.

Keep up the hard work and the blog


Di aka "Mrs Bigun" said...

FANTASTIC!! You broke the nines!! That is so awesome. I remember how hard Bigun worked to break through the nines. I was so proud when he came home and reported his "8" times! Congratulations Dan

dirtdawg50k said...

Great site! You are not some what of a runner according to Dr. George Sheehan. "The only difference between a runner and a jogger is an entry blank"

Bigun said...

Man I hear you with the "8"'s - it' nice to break into that "club" for a run! Great job - keep at it, before long you'll be low 8's!