Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I guess I did a "Brick" tonight.

I wasn't sure what I wanted to do tonight so I decided to ride the bike. And had such a good ride that I decided to do a run right after the ride.

So the bike ride was with the new bike and I felt good but I do have to make an appointment for a fitting sooner than later. I was going to wait until after vacation but I like riding it so much I think I am going to call tomorrow to make an appointment. Also want them to look at the bike becasue it is making a "cranking" noise when I am going hard in the "highest" gear.

Here are the numbers for the bike.

13.1 miles avg speed 16.9 mph with a max of 24.1 mph. HR was avg 143 and max HR was 160.

So got home jumped of the bike and thought about going on to get a drink and then start the run but figured if I went in I might not make it out again so I just started running. Run was very good as well. Not 5k race speed but still felt very nice. Ended up going 3.25 miles with a 9:28 pace.

So all in all it was a great workout tonight and very happy with my efforts. I did take a trip last night to pick up Inside Triathlete but Borders did not have it. I ended up getting Triathlete magazine but I still want to pick up the other on because it is the nutrition issue. I think I will benefit greatly from that.

This is from a Google search on "BRICK"

Triathletes train for this phenomenon through transition workouts or "bricks": back-to-back workouts involving two disciplines, most commonly cycling and running. (The term "brick" has multiple claims of origination/derivation. Among those is the derivation from a partial anagram of Bike-Run. Also, it may simply be a descriptive term for how your legs feel for the first part of the run. Another is credited to Mark Sisson and Scott Zagarino (1988), who associated the term brick with the idea of "Just another brick in the wall"... as noted in a song by the group "Pink Floyd". Another association of this term has been claimed to originate from a New Zealand athlete by the name of Matt Brick.)


Pat said...

So, why do they call it a 'Brick'? sounds like a good workout regardless of what you call it.


bigmike600 said...

Your average is great for only the second time out. Bigun has some great ideas for getting faster on the bike. He hooked me up with doing intervals (which I am starting to do now). We did a nice 20 mile ride last night but man was it hilly. I feel it today.
Running after biking sure takes some getting used to. Nice job.

Pat said...

I figured it out. You Bike, then Run to get the BR and then you feel ick.

Di aka "Mrs Bigun" said...

great night!! congrats on a good work out!!

J-Wim said...

Bricks are a necessary evil. They really suck rocks, so by all means do what i do and do more of them.