Sunday, July 22, 2007

Weekend Update


Friday was an off day. Kim and I met the girl that is going to house/dog sit for us when we go on vacation in two weeks. We met her through good friends of ours who used her a few weeks ago. That went well and it was nice to know that we won’t need to put the dogs in a kennel.

Saturday AM (6:30 am)

I decided it was time to take out the new bike for its first ride. Wow this bike is nice and fast. Trust me when I tell you I was not going hard at all. There are so many firsts with this bike that I am just trying to get used to it first. What are the firsts you ask.

1. Aero bars this is the big thing because it is not only the bars but the gears on the bars, and the brakes on the bars,
2. Thin tires – I have only rode mountain bike tires so far.
3. Just this fast a bike.
4. Not properly fitted yet – I wanted to get a few rides in first and will get fitted after vacation when I by clipless pedals.

But all in all it was a nice easy ride. I went 15 miles but because of my on going Garmin “USER” issues I started the Garmin 3 miles into the ride. So here are the numbers that I have from the ride. 12.18 miles in 45:28 for avg speed of 16.1 mph and I did have a fastest speed of 19.4 mph. Bottom line I like the bike a lot and can’t wait to ride it more and get into some TRI’s and DU with it.

Saturday PM (7:20 pm)

After a great bike ride in the morning and a fun day with the family I decided to go out for an evening run. Weather was low 80’s with a slight breeze, felt real nice. I told myself that I would do a 10K with a goal of sub 1 hour. I did this knowing I was going to do a long run the next morning at a real SLOW pace. So off I went. Really uneventful but end result was a 6.20 mile run in 59:04 for a 9:31 pace. Avg HR was 147 with a max of 155. Really felt great and very happy with the result.

Sunday AM (8:45 am)

OK so here was where last night run would hurt me. I planned on doing 11-13 miles depending on how I felt. And the plan also included going real slow I wanted to do 11 minute miles. Run was going great and I was at about 10:35 – 10:50 pace up to mile 9. Yes that was the wall mile 9. Actually mile 9 was OK but walking started during this mile. And then mile 10 and 11 was mostly walking with a few run breaks. If my car was not 2 miles away I would have been done at 9 miles today. But hey even the 2 miles of walking was better than me sitting on the couch.

Sunday PM (7:00 pm)

Yeah right, like I was going to do anything tonight. Put a fork in me I'm done.


J-Wim said...

I love aerobars, but I use the clipons, I think it would be really difficult to adjust to a true tri bike. I still want one though....
You will be amazed how much faster you feel on roadie tires - Night and day diffrence!

bigmike600 said...

You will get used to the bars. I have the clip on ones too. I feel not stretched out enough on mine but they do the job. 16MPH is pretty darn good for the first ride. Now go do some big hills:) Or not. I told you a good bike makes a big difference. Just wait until your next bike event when the adrenaline is pumping and you start hammering out the miles. You will be amazed at the speed.