Monday, July 9, 2007

Weekend re-cap.


Well this was to be my first camping weekend with Liam. Actually it was to be my Father, my nephew (Luke - 11 years old), me, and Liam. Now understand I have not been much for the outdoors, but since the health changes I am starting to enjoy them more. I get out to run and bike and love the few long walks we get out as a family on. But sleeping in a tent is really not me at all. My dad and Luke do it a few times a year and love it, and have been asking me and Liam to join. So a few months back I set the date with my dad and low and behold this was the weekend.

Now keep in mind we were not hiking miles to a camp site but were DRIVING right to where we pitch our tent. So really I think of it as a tailgate party (and boy have I been to many of them in my 38 years). So during the week I work out with my dad what I was to bring and what he was going to bring and we are all set with that. Probably a good time to mention that we were camping out for only one night, actually I think we were out of the house for a total of 23 hours.

Turns out that my nephew, do to a prior engagement, was not going to be there until Sunday morning so Liam and I would miss him, but my dad would camp an extra night with him.

So Friday was a very busy day in my house in that Tubby our 6 ½ month old St. Bernard was getting spayed so between dropping her off and picking her up and pampering her at home, Kim brought the kids to Karate. When they got home Liam starts with the “I don’t want to go camping”. Then 5 minutes later “I do want to go”. After an hour of this Kim and I give him his last out and tell him this is the last time we are asking “are you going?” And he said yes.

So Saturday morning comes and I am packing for the trip and he starts the I am not going chant. Very long story short not only is he going but his twin sisters are now going as well. I didn’t see her but I am pretty sure that Kim was doing the happy dance at this point. House to herself all night. Well her and our two dogs that is.

There are so many more details that I won’t bore you with but bottom line is there are things that I will do differently next time. Yes I hope there is a next time in that it was a fun experience (I liked it – not sure how much the kids enjoyed the hiking).

We got home Sunday and I pretty quickly got out for a bike ride by myself. I went my 13.1 mile usual bike route. A few slow miles in there so was about 14 mph ride. Later that night I got in a 6.5 mile run. Is that a brick? Or do the two events have to be right after each other? Boy if I get an answer to that question I know you really read this long entry.

I do have a great podcast story to talk about but will do on another entry since this is long enough. So I will post either later tonight or tomorrow.


pizzicatto said...

just you lost weight! I wish I could do the same. Any tips apart from running? Cheers!

The Scott Family said...

Camping with THREE KIDS!!! Geez you are a brave man :) Respect for losing all that weight but taking three kids camping .... that trumps that :) haha

Good bit of training - ride followed (later) by a run ... but I would only call it a brick if I had missed recent bricks in my plan :)