Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Keep moving....



It was Hazy Hot and Humid. Even though I did my run at night it was still hot and humid. After talking to some of the faster guys at the last Browning Ross Race I decided to try their suggestion. They told me to go all out on the first mile and then if I had to slow down the last few miles and they “Guaranteed” a faster time.

So how did I do? Well I clocked a first mile of 8:28 wow that is fast for me. 2nd miles was 9:10, 3rd was 9:37, 4th was 9:55 and last .15 was 1:21 for a total of (yeah I know you can add but I try to make it easy for ya) 4.15 miles in 38:30 for a pace of 9:18. I am very happy with my speed and will be very happy when I can get some longer runs in. I think being off the treadmill has helped with me getting faster.


Hot again, but a storm came through earlier so cooled off a little. I went for a bike ride. I am no great biker by any means, but I set a goal to go 10 miles and to end with a sub 4 minute pace. Please keep in mind I am riding on a bike path but with a mountain bike with fat tires. Some day soon I hope to have a better street bike (you know of any for sale?) and can see how fast I can really go.

Won’t bore you with the details of every mile but the bottom line is I did get 10.75 miles with a 3:53 pace.

Was hoping to get out this morning for a run but just didn’t do it. So will get out later.


bigmike600 said...

Your runs are getting awesome. Glad you are not a clyde!!!! Keep on running because it makes me want to run.

Margie said...

Great to meet you. Calorie King has helped me keep control of what I eat. Now I think twice before I indulge.

bigmike600 said...

Sorry Dan..You just look like you are about 185 or so. Thanks for the well wishes for this weekend. Should be interesting.

Bigun said...

you're still doing it - bike = MPH, run = runners, we got to bring you in slowly....

Pat said...

so does that mean swim = nautical miles?

I'm very impressed with your running too. Great job.

My PR for a 5k was when I ran with the cheetahs in the front for as long as I could. I didn't keep up with them but it was a great race for me.


Pat said...

Dan, there's a rebate for the garmin 305 for $50. If you still have your box and receipt, you can get it.


Matt said...

DAMN DAN! You are getting FASTER. Great Job on the FAST first mile. I always run my 5ks that way. Hard the first mile then try to hang on the next 2.1. Im usually feeling like I want to die by the end but yeah it gives me some pretty nice times :) WTG!!