Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Lazy week.

Has it been a week already?

Amazing how time flies when you are having fun. Truth be told my running, and exercise in general was close to nothing last week that I really didn’t have anything to write about. Not really sure why but I just get in the mind set that I don’t want to do anything so I don’t. For me not to do a thing over the weekend is really an oddity.

When I left you last I had done a “brick” and really felt great. Then I took Wednesday off preparing for my weekly Thursday night 5K race. Kim had some testing to do so we were not sure if she would be home in time for me to make the race. Kim got home, I changed quickly and was out of the house. Sure in hind sight I should have been changed already but I was outside with the kids and they were enjoying the slip and slide. I was not about to tell them to come in so I can get changed. Official Results

As I was driving to the race, hitting every traffic light it was apparent that I was not going to make the start. Ringo does start this race on time, every time. But I decided to go anyway and at least run the course and get a workout in. I pulled in the parking lot and no one was at the starting line so I hit the Garmin and off I went. Can you believe that no user error today. By the way it was 7:07 when I started so everyone had 7 minutes on me. And with this small field I was not going to catch anyone with my 9 minute per mile speed. Back to the Garmin, I did something to it and I noticed my last run it did not give me a lap time after each mile. So when I got to mile one I manually hit lap to record. I ran about ¼ mile and I looked at the Garmin and there you have it user error. I didn’t hit lap I hit stop. I suck at this Garmin, I love it but I suck using it. I start it again and keep going. When I got to the finish line Ringo gave me a look like where were you. I let him know I missed the start but wanted to run anyway. He asked what my time was so I told him 28:30 or something like that. Now I have been running PR’s every week in this race but without knowing where I truly was I just added 1 minute to my last time. I do think I was faster than the time I told him but I don’t think I would have had a PR.

So that was the extent of my week and working out. My worse week of running for the year as I logged 6.4 miles. But guess what that is behind me now and I can’t go back and change it now. I did a nice 3.25 miles last night in the humidity and will try to get out tonight for another run.


Di aka "Mrs Bigun" said...

seems to me like you get the ribbon for "showing" ;)

J-Wim said...

Call it your recovery week, now hit it hard.
WTG- you ran the race even though you missed the start. THats perseverance, my friend.

bigmike600 said...

Get out your garmin manual and do some fine print reading. I think you have something in the settings messed up. Or try to do a reset to default on the whole unit. Garmins customer support is top notch and if you need them, they can help you out.