Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Tuesday night was another 3.25 mile run at about a 9:20 pace. So, I am happy to say that I have passed last week total miles run already.

So as for the picture above. We leave for vacation tomorrow morning. We will be on a Carnival Cruise headed to Canada for a few days. This will be the kids first cruise and they are very excited to go. We have a house/dog sitter so are happy that our other two girls will be in good hands. We will be home Monday afternoon so will have the rest of Monday to unwind and back to work on Tuesday.

As for Monday I did set up my bike fitting so I will have something to look forward to making the 2 hour drive back from NYC on Monday.

I will try to do minimal damage to my 110 pound weight loss. But I do plan on enjoying my meals while on vacation. I WILL TRY TO RUN ON VACATION AS WELL. If I tell myself that enough I might just do it. Now that Kim is running also I think it will be easier having someone else motivating me.

Also would like to mention that tomorrow is Kim and my 10 year wedding anniversary. You have seen my present (it is below a few posts). I was hoping to take a picture of hers to post as well. In case I don't I got her a diamond anniversary band that I think she liked. Yes I gave it to her already: 1. because I wanted to be sure it fit for the cruise and 2. I just can't keep a gift once I buy it.


bigmike600 said...

Not to wreck your vacation but they usually have a nice work out room on cruise ships and once you see someone working can you resist. It's like they are taunting you to come and run a little..just a little..maybe a couple miles...nice and got plenty of time...make up for that meal last night...just a couple easy miles...
Not to wreck your vacation or anything...Have a great time.
Congrats on your 10 year. Being a lifer I know how tough that can be.

Pat said...

so, the over/under for your vacation is 10 miles. I'll take the over. treadmill miles count if you have it set on a 1% grade. Hopefully, the boat will have a track on one of the decks.

but, have fun too.


Shump said...

Have fun on vacation. I gained 10 pounds the last time I went on vacation, but the difference between this year and years gone by is I was comitted to losing it when I got back. I am sure you will do great!

J-Wim said...

Have fun, eat what ya want, you can fix it when you're home again.

congrats on the milestone. Sounds like you are treating her right with the jewelry!
(did you notice Mike made it sound like a prison sentence???? Hmmmmm.....)
Have a great vacation!!!

Jeff said...

Dan --

I guess you know you've change your life when you get a bike for a major anniversary! Very cool. Good to see that I'm not the only one with trade-offs like that!

Hope you're having a great trip out at sea!