Monday, March 17, 2008

2008 Week 11

Week 11

03/10/2008 - 03/16/2008

Swim - 5,300 yards 2 hr 41 min (4 workouts) I did a much better job with the head in the water this week. Getting better I an not worried about avg per 100 at this point just want to be able to do 1.2 miles in 11 weeks.

Bike - 72 miles 4 hours 30 min (5 workout) Trainer bike workout. The miles is a best guess as my computer on my bike is on the front wheel not the rear. I say I avg. 16 miles an hour to be safe.

Run - 3 miles 30 min. (1 workouts) Skipped one 30 minute workout. This week was a light run week.

Lifting/Core - 0 minutes ( 0 workouts)

Notes - This coming week is a big run week and the weather looks pretty good for getting them in outside. I was very happy with the time I spent in the pool this past week and I will try to get in 3-4 days each week.


Jeff said...

Huge week in the pool and on the bike, Dan.

Nice job.

Anonymous said...

Well done!

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J~Mom said...

Glad that swim is feeling better!

Tri-Bob said...

Way to go, Dan. I added you to my Athlink today in response to your request to do the same.

We should try to hook up for a ride once the weather breaks. I would consider riding down your way to meet up and then do a ride together...something to consider, at least.



Non-Runner Nancy said...

WHOA nice week!!