Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Just Things.

The guy in this picture looks familiar.


Why it is none other than Mr. Bigun. Things you find on the internet. Great job Marc on your great finish in the windy city.


I did a "not so" recovery run on Sunday and felt a little pain on the top of my right foot. I felt it at mile 2.25, and since I was doing an out and back I went to 2.5 and started back. I was able to keep running but when I got home and stopped that is when it hurt more. Well two days later the pain is not there so I plan on doing my TWO weekday races this week.

1st is the Run for Tony it is a 5K and is for a great cause and it ends at a bar with free food and drinks. This race is Wednesday at 7pm (resting the foot until this race).

2nd will be the next day when my Browning Ross Summer Sizzle 5K race series comes to a close. This race has helped me tremendously this year as I don't do formal speed training so this race on Thursday nights kind of acts as my speed work. Apparently they pick the race up in Dec/Jan on Sunday afternoon's. I plan on being there. Depending on how my leg feels I will most likely take this race very easy. I may be DFL but that would be fine. It is the last one so I don't want to miss it. And apparently Ringo is going to have a nice spread and give out special awards (I don't plan on winning any).


Reading a lot of IM race reports on many different blogs and forums really gets you motivated. My hats off to all you who have made the commitment to complete this distance. You know at this point in my life I can't ever imagine doing that distance, hell I haven't even done my first sprint yet. But reading the others really gets a guy thinking, "you never know".


Please do your self a favor and read this blog. I would start from 8/27/2007 "Spanked by Kentucky". You will be happy you did.

Also you may want to check out her husbands blog, he wrote this the night before the Ironman.


bigmike600 said...

I am pretty sure I am going to do an IM so if you decide to do one, we should do the same one so we can support each other.

Pat said...

Iron Misty gave us quite a report. I think I'm going to start calling my cousin, Iron Dave. Anyone that finished an IM is truly amazing. I hope you get to someday (if you choose).

Bigun said...

it's just a matter of hitting that little button called 'register' - then training your ass off! Don't sweat it - you'll do one when you are ready! Work on getting ready for your first!