Monday, August 13, 2007

Batsto Village Pig Iron 5K


I know it was only a 5K but like I said before I really wanted to go for a PR on this race since it was my one year anniversary race. That being said I did my best to really eat good all day Saturday. OK so I had a piece of cheesecake Saturday night, company brought it over and it would have been rude of me to not have a piece. I made sure I was well hydrated with water and Cytomax also. So I went to bed feeling like I did all I could with regards to eating and drinking pre race.

Woke up at a nice time Sunday Morning and had a bowl of Oatmeal and some water. Got ready for the race and got the family packed in the mini van and off we went. I had everything I needed for the race so all was great at this point. The only thing I did forget was I wanted to bring a banana and eat in the car on the way over. Oh well one banana would not get in my way of a PR.

Got my number and signed the kids up for the kid races and got there bibs on as well. In no time it was time for the National Anthem and we walked about 1/8 of a mile to the start. Lined up and off we went. This is not a heavily publicized race and last year was the first time they had it. Last year there were about 190 people and this year there were about 225 or so.


I went off real well and was in a good zone. It is slightly up hill to start followed by a very nice downhill. The only problem with this downhill is knowing in about 2.25 miles I will start to come up it. Very uneventful run just felt good. Got to the turnaround and I was at about 14 minutes. This was a great time for me but knowing the hill was going to be there soon I was not thinking PR any more. Got to the hill and pushed up it passing a few people who stopped to walk the hill. I was running with a lady the last ½ mile and we both did a great job of pushing each other. She crossed the line right before me and yelled out “that’s a PR”. I look at the clock and say “not for me”.

I was not at all upset with this as I know this is a good course and it was hot and humid (yeah the excuses’ come out now). I can honestly say I gave all I had on this race. I crossed in 28:00 (clock said) there were no chips and the official time on the website said 28:10. What ever I will take it. Last year when I did this race I did 32:13 so I did better by 4 minutes. In case you are wondering my PR is 27:33 (on a very flat course).


I have to tell you for a small race they had the best post race food and beverages. And they had plenty of it. Tons of door prizes that they picked at random (I did not win anything). Kids got to race and play games. The family had a great time and I hope to do this race every year.
Also got to talk to a few guys that do the Thursday night series with me.

Here are the official results. I am number 131.


J-Wim said...

It was PR for that course. I don't think you can adequately compare a flat course with a hilly course, they are two very different animals.
Great race and yeah for getting the kiddos involved!

Bigun said...

its really all about the post race vittles....

Tri-Bob said...

Hey, way to go on the weight loss. I, too, dropped 100 lbs. I love doing tri's and hope to see you complete more! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Stop again at

If interested in tri friends, check out Team Triumph South Jersey Multisport...great grouop of people of all ability levels.

Keep up the good work!