Wednesday, August 8, 2007


I've been tagged by J-Wim and Jeff, so here goes. (I am stealing Jeff’s format). This is the best I can remember. I drank a lot of beer in my late teens and early twenties. Killed many a brain cell.

Job's I've Held:

High School:

  • Denny’s Dishwasher / Then Cook
  • Fashion Bug Stock Boy
  • Swept floors at a local warehouse.

College Years:

  • UPS Unloading Trucks
  • PPG Working in the Warehouse (Paint Area)

Real Life:

  • Revlon - Accounting
  • Coty Inc - Accounting
  • Charles Schwab – Customer Service
  • Charles Schwab – Investment Consultant after getting my series 7, 63, and 66.
  • TD Waterhouse – Investments Consultant
  • Small Family Owned Financial Planner – Run the back office (current job)

Movies I can watch over and over:

  • Field of Dreams
  • Forest Gump
  • Rudy
  • Hoosiers
  • The list goes on. I have a “Movie Room” in the basement with 92 inch TV and 400 DVD player that is pretty full.

My Guilty Pleasures:

  • The “Movie Room”
  • Sirius – Yes I got it for Howard Stern
  • Kim’s baking (yes she bakes too much)
  • Coffee – I drink Monday thru Friday at work. Never on the weekends.
  • Late night eating

Places I Have Lived:

  • Jersey City NJ
  • Old Bridge NJ
  • Winslow NJ
  • Williamstown NJ (Current)

Shows I Enjoy: (I watch way too much TV) (I DVR most)

  • Lost
  • Big Brother
  • American Idol
  • MLB extra innings so I can watch the Yankees
  • Survivor
  • 20/20, Dateline, 60 minutes, 48 hours. (this is how I know I am getting old
  • Dave Letterman (DVR and only watch the opening monologue)
  • Hell's Kitchen
  • The Biggest Loser
  • Baseball Tonight (sometimes)

Places I've Been on Vacation (longer than a weekend):

  • Ocean City, MD
  • Wildwood NJ
  • Seaside NJ
  • Aruba
  • Vegas
  • Disney (FL)
  • South Bend (ND Football)
  • Knoxville TN (U of TN Football)
  • Various Cruises

Favorite Foods:

  • Anything but Seafood
  • I eat a lot of grilled chicken now
  • Green Giant vegetables in a bag
  • Smoothies (I make)
  • I am on an Oatmeal kick.
  • Lean Roast Beef

Websites I Visit Daily:

  • Blogs to the Left
  • Many More Blogs that are not on the left yet.
  • Runner's World Forums
  • Calorie King – Not as much as I used to.
  • CBS Sportsline
  • Google (I am a shareholder)

Awards I Have Won:

  • How sad – Nothing comes to mind.


  • Dan- O
  • Dan the Man
  • Hun – Only from Kim
  • Br’er – Family name I got as a baby that has stuck

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bigmike600 said...

That is a monster TV. Hope vacation was fun.

J-Wim said...

a) My mother always told me you were a grown up when you drank coffee. Therefore, I have never drank coffee. Diet Coke=not grown up yet.
2) We alwasy said we knew we were old when we watched the weather channel and the news at 5, 6, and 10. (BTW- Mike does all of these things, plus watches the 630 news as a bonus...... I'm just saying....)

Thanks for sharing!

Jeff said...

Ohhh -- I forgot Rudy.

92" -- party at Dan-O's house!

Another Reality-TV-Aholic -- I wonder if there is some connection between this sickness and being formerly fat?

The world awaits -- how was vacation?

Di aka "Mrs Bigun" said...

Glad you're back! I hope you and the family had a super time on vacation.
You and Bigun are alike when it comes to BIG TV and lots of movies. he has a mutli dvd player and 61"screen too. I had a hard time listing the movies, there really are so many I could watch over and over

Pat said...

92"? Are you sure your not saying it's a wee bit bigger than it truly is? Once again I have to say mine's not that big.

the baseball games on diretv are awesome. I'm torn between watching my hometown Reds and watching the Yankees. Watching the Yanks is like getting to watch the all star game everyday.

Dan Seifring said...

Pat, funny you should ask. I exchanged emails yesterday with Big Mike and he told me that he measured 92 inch to see how big that is. So I thought to myself, hey I paid for 92 inch but I never did measure it. So when I got home I pulled out my tape measure and am Proud to say it is as big as advertised (the TV that is).