Saturday, August 25, 2007

Heat was OK, Humidity sucked

I did run 13.25 miles in about 2:20:40 this morning and am living to tell about it. But I am running (driving) to my fantasy football draft and will have to post about this run later.
Long version (bunch of rambling if you ask me).

OK it is 24 hours later but since my legs still feel like I ran 2 hours ago I guess I can still write about the run. Well like most of my runs lately I have been doing a great job of preparing well for them. So Friday I ate well and hydrated. I knew I was going out pretty early Saturday to get this done.

I woke up at about 6:15 and made my oatmeal and had a banana. I filled up a 32 oz gatorade bottle and started to drink it. Got ready and took care of some "personal" business so not to have troubles out on the run. Finished the water and was out the door. Garmin was working, had two episodes of Steve Runners Podcast to listen to, and had my 4 bottle belt on. I was ready to go. Oh I also was trying something for the first time in that I was taking Cliff Shots Blocks with me. I have never taken anything to eat while running but now that I am getting up there in miles I thought I should try something.

So out I went. Felt good and did a 10:18 first mile. Knowing I was going 13+ miles I wanted to slow it down a little. Did a 10:51 2nd mile. And at this point I realized just how humid it was already. Wow I was dripping wet and took a minute walk to drink my first bottle of Gatorade. Plan was to drink after 3 miles but I think it was about mile 2.40 that I drank it. OK I don't think I need to be this technical on a run report. Well after that I felt better but it was humid.

Mile 3 - 11:12 (with a walk)
Mile 4 - 10:37
Mile 5 - 10:45
Mile 6 - 10:17

Between Mile 6 and 7 I had my Cliff Shots and another bottle of Gatorade. For the record I liked them and will buy more (I had 1/2 the bag).

Mile 7 - 10:38
Mile 8 - 10:31
Mile 9 - 10:21

At this point the humidity was becoming a factor. I could not believe how much sweat was on me. I took another minute walk to have more Gatorade.

Mile 10 - 11:12
Mile 11 - 11:11 - Drank last bottle while running.
Mile 12 - 11:13 -
Mile 13 - 10:29 - Picked it up becasue I knew it was almost over.
Last .25 - 2:15 - I am happy this is over.

This run really pushed me. No joke that I looked like I jumped in pool with how wet my clothes were. I am happy that I completed it. Now I just hope Sept 16 it is less humid for the Philly Distance Run.


The Scott Family said...

Impressive! ... that's your longest run since I've been reading your blog I think :)

I keep breaking down after a few miles so I am very jealous ... keep up the good work :)

J-Wim said...

Great Run!
I like the Shot Blocks, but I like the Jelly Belly Sports Beans better - can hold them pocketed in my cheeks better (which in my demented mind means they absorb buccally into the blood stream. Not sure if that is an actual fat or if it is something I just made up and have talked myself into being true.....)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your encouragement and congrats on everything you have achieved. Tell your wife that a random stranger will be routing for her on race day. Good luck to you both.

bigmike600 said...

Been humid here at times too. The sweat on my visor has a stream that runs off of it after awhile. Kind of funny. Nice run. Doesn't it amaze you that you can do this now and had no idea this person existed inside you.