Thursday, August 16, 2007

Only 2 Thursday evening races left after tonight.

Well back to logging my workouts. I think this will be the first week in the last four weeks that I go over 20 miles running for the week. With my first 1/2 marathon quickly approaching I need to get back to taking long runs and build my base back up. I am going to run the Philadelphia Distance Run on September 16th. I have completed this distance a month or two ago (I just checked and it was 6/24) but have only one run over 10 miles since that run. But like I said I am back this week.

Monday - I ran 5.25 miles at about a 10 minute pace, this was the day after my race. Just wanted to get some recovery miles.

Tuesday - I ran 3.75 miles at about 9:30 pace, I did stop for about 2 minutes to pet a St. Bernard.

Wednesday - I went to my first meeting with Team Triumph. I may be wrong but I think this is the first time I am mentioning TT. They are a local Triathlon Team that I actually joined the week of my Duathlon back in May. I have "lurked" on their message board but I have not made any group workouts or meeting until last night. They were a very nice group of people and I hope to become more involved with them next season. Because ultimately Tri's are the direction I am heading. I will still do plenty of running events but I want to be a Triathlete someday.

Thursday - I went to my normal Thursday night race. No real goal time tonight just doing it as a workout. I managed a 29:03 but was about 31 out of 34 (something like that). There were a whole lot of High School X-County runners there tonight. I did get 2nd in my age group (you don't have to ask) and my prize was a 32oz Gatorade. Official results are now posted.

So here is the bad news. I had made my big announcement a week or so ago that I was going to do my first Tri this Sunday. Well ,as I often do, I forgot that Kim told me that we have a family function way up in North Jersey that day. So I will have to look for another one. I WILL DO A SPRINT TRI THIS SEASON. I looked and there are still a few to choice from and even if I have to go to Delaware there are a few.

That is all for now.


Pat said...

some races are not meant to be. You'll have a good time with family. That Thursday nite race is pretty darn competitive when you do a 29 minute 5k and still finish near the bottom. You should be proud of the 29, you have to really push it to go that low.

Jeff said...

Dan -- I'm walking Philly! (Still can't run on the bad ankle, but I paid and it's a non-refundable fee, so I'm gonna walk it.) We should find a place to meet Sunday morning.

Cheaper Than Therapy said...

Bummer about the race - I was checking in for some results!! There are definitely more, though - check the TT board, among other places, for ideas. Or There are still great races around!