Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Answering questions from comments.


Mike over at Sub 6, and Jeff over at Formerly Fat Running Guy asked about the new blog skin. And others also commented on it. To be honest it was after many Google searches that I found it. I searched again to find the site where I got it but was unsuccessful. That being said if anyone wants the Template I would be happy to copy and paste it into an email for you.

Well thanks to my buddy Pat here is a link to where I found the Blog Template.

Di at I Like Big...Bikes asked what races I can be seen at. Don't know if Di meant to "actually" see me, but as I would love to meet her and her not so better half Bigun I am not sure if that will happen this year. But depending on how my half goes on June 1st. I may have to make a trip to IM Louisville or IM MOO to sign up for 2009. Be sure to check out Bigun's new podcast which you can get to from his site.

Bob who is part of Team Triumph and blogs at Tri-Bob mentioned doing more miles in less days with the bike. I think that is the answer. And I will try to implement that this week as long as my butt can stand the bike trainer. I have been using the "Spinervals" DVD's and it does make the time go by. I just have to buy some more as I am getting real tired of the one I have.

Ted at Ted's Running Journal asked if I swim in the Delaware River. Ted knows that the only bodies swimming in the Delaware are dead bodies so no I swim HERE. This is a High School about 13 miles from my house that has a small gym but huge pool. Really a great place to swim. They have a great Master's program but unfortunately the hours don't work for me.

Marcy (everyone knows her) at I signed up for this, and I hopefully will be running the NYC Marathon together this year. Pretty cool that she also is trying to get in the lottery. My fingers are crossed for the both of us.


Topher said...

That is a nice blog skin. Since I have you in my Google Reader, it'd been a while since visiting your actual blog, so it's good you mentioned it.

Funny Ted would ask you about swimming in that river. I tease him that I associate NJ with the mob, and I associate dead bodies floating in the river with the mob, and therefore it's funny that he'd mention that. It only strengthens my suspicions about him.

J~mom said...

Good luck with the NY lottery! That is exciting! I have thought about entering as well but keep getting cold feet!

Pat said...

Hey, I plan to enter the NYC lottery too.

And if you look at the very bottom of your blog you will see an address for

SUB6 said...

thanks Dan :)

Pat said...

Dan, they have a bunch of skins. I put one on my other blog - and it looks great. I wish they had some more running type skins.

Tri-Bob said...


I have the virtual bike workout DVD's of the Lake Placid Ironman bike course as well as one of a ride in Boulder, CO. They are great and would highly recommend them...check out

monica said...

a'ight. you mentioned the pool, now you gotta GET IN IT!!!

and cross your toes for me if your fingers are already busy. i'm entering the nyc lottery too!!!

Marcy said...

Pat you're going to enter too? SWEET!! WHOOO HOOOOO!!! I REALLY hope all both get in! How fun will that be?

I'll work on Lisa, she'll see the light eventually ;-)

Anonymous said...

Crossing fingers for the NY lottery for you!

Tri-Dummy said...

How sweet to run the NY???!!!

Praying for you guys to get in!