Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Biggest Loser Finale Recap

My Biggest Loser Finale Thoughts. I will try to be quick and to the point.

I was really looking forward to this seasons finale. More so then any of the other seasons.

Knowing this was going to be a 3 hour episode with MANY commercials I chose to utilize the DVR. I ran on my treadmill until about 9pm. Took a quick shower and started watching at about 9:15. This worked out great going through the commercials and I will admit I didn’t watch the stuff about the last contestant for the next season (shot me). While you are at it you can shot me for fast forwarding through the Pounds for Pounds segment.

Mike and Ron came out and Mike was voted America’s choice to be in the top 3 joining Helen and Tara. So Ron will be competing for the $100K. The eliminated contestants then came out to compete for $100,000.

The first group trying for $100K was Jerry, Estella, Nicole, and Damien. They all put up great numbers. I personally thought Jerry, and Estella looked older than there real age. However they are much healthier now. Nicole looked incredible, Damien is well on his way, and hopefully he will continue his weight loss.

Next up was Carla, Joelle, Filipe and Sione. Again they all looked great (from where they were). The ladies have some work to do still. The guys put up some great numbers, I hope their “culture” (their word not mine) doesn’t bring them back to where they were.

To be honest I am very fuzzy as to the order of the next 11 people to get on the scale. Ron was last that I do remember. But quickly on the 11 (in reverse order of % of weight loss).

· David – What can you say he is obviously not into it.
· Aubrey – Probably doing the best she can with her work load. I am not a big fan of the no time excuse but with 5 kids it must be hard. Not sure how much support he gets from her husband.
· Laura – I actually thought she looked better than the scale said she did.
· Daniel – Love this kid. I hope he continues to do well. Lost 142 pounds so far and is going in the right direction.
· Blaine – Looked good, fellow Clydesdale runner and triathlete. Sounds like he and his cousin are working hard.
· Cathy – To be honest nothing stood out to me.
· Shannon – See Cathy notes.
· Mandi – Is doing a great job. Hopefully she can inspire her sister and other family members.
· Dane – See Blaine notes.
· Ron – Lost a ton of weight (192 pounds) but it was not enough to over take Jerry for the 100K.
· Kristin – Is doing a phenomenal job but I really didn’t care for her choice of outfit and hair. Lost to Jerry by 6 pounds.

And now for the BIG 3. No pun intended (ok pun intended).

They all looked incredible. But although I was hoping Tara would win, I knew when I saw the 3 that Helen would win. You can just tell that she worked her ass off. I am sure the other 2 worked out like crazy also but Helen just look amazingly fit. I can't recall from past seasons what the top 3 contestants lost percentage wise but these 3 seemed to be very high. Helen lost 54.47% of her body weight, followed by Mike at 53.35% and Tara 52.72% (slacker). I wouldn't be surprised if Helen put on 10 pounds from last night just from drinking water over the last few hours.

All and all I really enjoyed the show. I find it very inspirational and I hope it inspires me to re-lose about 30 pounds and then an additional 20 or so.

The only problem with watching on DVR was that I had my lap top and was following past contestants and others from the East Coast on Twitter. Like passing an accident while driving I didn't want to look but I had to keep checking the Twitter updates. Even Ali was posting during commercial breaks. I think I ended about 15 minutes after the show ended. So it took me about 2 hours to watch the 3 hour finale.

Here is my post with the final percentages of all the contestants.