Monday, February 4, 2008

Mom update.

Without giving T.M.I. I will do my best to update you on my Mom's hospital stay.

And thank you very much for the well wishes on the blog and personal emails, they really meant a lot.

Jan 22nd. (Evening)

One of her brothers (she had 6 – 5 still living) brought her to the local E.R. because she was having Gallbladder pains. My Father works in another State so is only home on the weekends so she called her brother. It takes a lot for my Mother to go to the Hospital so I know the pain had to be really bad.

At this point we are thinking that she will need to have the Gallbladder removed (which she was aware might have to happen from past Gallbladder episodes. Problem is my Mom is not in the best of health and was concerned about “going under” for the procedure.

Jan 23rd.

Running test on my Mom such as EKG, Lung Scan’s and her blood pressure being all over the place (first too high then later too low) lead her to be moved to I.C.U. At this point her EKG was “off” and they think she has pneumonia so ICU is the best place for her. Subsequent EKG’s came back good so not sure if first was a fluke or not.

Jan 24th.

Turns out there was more to the Lung x-ray and they have discovered a “spot” on her lung and want to do a biopsy on it. My parents decided it would be better to have the biopsy done in NYC at Sloan-Kettering, a place she knows well since she is a Cancer survivor. So at this point Gallbladder surgery is not even being looked at and she is just dealing the pain (got to love drugs).

Jan 25th. And Jan 26th.

She is getting better (in ICU) and other than her emotional state of mind (thinking the worse with what will happen with the biopsy) she is recovering well. She has many visitors (family and friends) to make the time go by. I should mention that my Aunt is a Nurse Supervisor at the hospital, and my Sister is a Nurse at the hospital (another location but same family of hospital) so she is getting great care. That is not to say she would not being getting great care anyway just saying it can’t hurt.

Jan 27th.

She comes out of ICU and I think it would be OK to bring the kids to see her so I pack up the family to have a very nice visit (I obviously had been back and forth many days but didn’t bring the kids).

Jan 28th. – Jan 30th.

She is getting better and healthy to go home. So now she is home and is scheduled to have the Biopsy done Thursday 2/7/2008. So at this point we are just hoping for the best with the results of the Biopsy.


Shilingi-Moja said...

Thanks for updating us on your Mom. I hope you'll let us know the results of the biopsy. I'm sure the uncertainty is difficult for all of you.

Pat said...

prayers go out to your mom. We just went thru the same thing with my mom. gallblader out and spots to check. She's ok and I hope your mom does well too.

Pat said...

After reading this post, I called my mom.

SUB6 said...

hope everything goes well ... I should call my mum :)

Dan Seifring said...

I called mine again after reading your comment Pat.

Anonymous said...

Hope the biopsy turns out good. I know waiting for test results in no fun.

The comments about calling moms made me smile...hope my boys call me when they're older :)

TrainingtoTri said...

My prayers go out to you and your family. Hope the biopsy turns out negative.

Cheryl said...

Wow. Your mom's ordeal sounds like an episode of Dr. House! Glad she has been getting good care, with lots of family for support. Sending prayers that her biopsy turns out fine.

monica said...

sending all good thoughts your way dan!!! hope everything goes well with mom's biopsy. i ran a half marathon with my mom this past weekend, and i know how lucky i am to be able to share such an experience like that with her. she too is not in the best of health and battles diabetes, so i'm super proud of her. thoughts and prayers for you and your family!!

J~Mom said...

Thanks for the update! Sending you good thoughts!