Monday, February 25, 2008

2008 Week 8

Week 8

02/18/2008 - 02/24/2008

Swim - 1,450 yards ( 2 workouts)

Bike - 66.60 miles (4 workouts/3 hours 50 minutes) 1 stationary 2 trainer ride and 1 spin class.

Run - 15.75 miles (5 workouts) 2 of the runs were small brick runs.

Lifting/Core - 30 minutes ( 1 workouts)

Notes - Had a good week, I had hoped to get in 4 swims but life got in the way. I felt like I was training this week and not just working out (if that makes any sense).


Jeff said...

Danno -- that's a great week! Totally know the difference between working out and training -- for me its called "the long run". Looks like you're in a groove.


monica said...

nice numbers dan!!!!

Anonymous said...

Great week, Dan!

This week for me, too, also felt more like training than just working out. I think because it was my first full week of the half iron training.

Keep it up :)

TNTcoach Ken said...

He's back. Sounds like a fun week also.

J~Mom said...

I totally understand the difference and how it feels. Kind of like being in a "zone".