Monday, November 19, 2007

Maybe 200 will be better

I have not blogged in a week. Not because I have nothing to say but because I was sitting on my 100th post. And I wanted to have some big things to write about. Truth be told in waiting for the great inspiration to hit me I have passed up so many other things that would have been good to write about. So that being said I am putting 100 behind me and just do what I normally do talk about nothing important (kind of kidding).


Nothing last week.


Again nothing to report.


I had a pretty good week in getting in 23.25 miles. That sounds ok for me but truth be told I was at 19.25 miles going into Sunday and planned on a 10 mile long run. I procrastinated and put it off to the afternoon. Well rain came in the afternoon and I went to the gym for the treadmill. I hate the treadmill and settled for a 4 mile run instead of my 10 mile scheduled run. In my only defense we were at a wedding Saturday night and got home at 2am and I was the designated driver and had to do the 2 hour drive while Kim and her parents got to sleep. That's what I get for not drinking.

Oh I should also add that I got in an AM run last week. I have said before I would like to run in the morning but I find it hard getting out too early to do so.

No races for the rest of the year with the exception on Browning Ross Series on Sunday afternoons starting in December. If you have read my blog for a while this is the same run I did during the summer on Thursday nights.


Again good days and bad days. Well more like good morning and afternoon's and bad evenings.

What else is going on? I look forward to participating in the 8 on the 8th. This is running 8 miles on December 8th and is being organized by Nancy and Vickie.

Also I did my 5.5 miles for Ryan on Saturday.

That is it for now but I have to say I am glad to get my 100th post out of the way. And I will use the rest of the week to talk about everything else I didn't get to talk about last week.


Tri-Dummy said...

No swimming/cycling AGAIN!!!! Naughty...even after they wrote that big story about you. You should be ashamed.


You ran 23 miles.


Anonymous said...

That's some good running!

I seem to be doing only running and weights lately...totally ignoring the swimming and biking. I should probably change that.

Jeff said...

I'll look forward to #200!