Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Joys of Fatherhood

In another life many, many years ago I was a high school wrestler, all be it, not a very good one. I was on the team but was strictly there as a back-up, and to be a workout partner for my friend who was the starter. Although I was not very good, I did go on after high school to become a wrestling coach in my town. I was the co-head coach for the Old Bridge Mat Rats (this is where OBRATS came from). And if I do say so myself I was actually a pretty good coach, I guess it is true what they say - those who can't do teach (I am going to be in so much trouble for that line). After getting married and leaving Old Bridge I thought I would get into coaching some day down the line when my son (who wasn't born yet) got into wrestling.

To make a long story short, Liam was born and as he got old enough to wrestle I would ask Liam do you want to do wrestling this year? And every year was a NO! But I keep asking and hoping someday he may change his mind. Wrestling is very big in New Jersey and kids start at 4 years old around these parts. I was just at a tournament last weekend watching my 5 year old nephew and his 13 year old brother wrestle.

So you could imagine the joy on my face when I came home from work last night and saw this book last night waiting for me on the kitchen table. I go back to work one night a week and I get home when the kids are already in bed. And last night Kim had them at the Library while I was at work. I had a smile from ear to ear thinking Liam has finally come around. O.K. wrestling season is ending for this year but ok next year is good. I had a great night of sleep, had nice dreams of my son learning wrestling from his dad.

Then I woke up and as I was making breakfast for the kids (Liam still sleeping at this point) CAITLYN comes in and says to me "DAD DID YOU SEE THE BOOK I GOT FROM THE LIBRARY LAST NIGHT?" Yes Caitlyn is one of my 6 year old twin daughters. I am all for equal rights and all but I really hope she doesn't want to wrestle with the boys. Well come to think of it she might be tougher than Liam (I hope Liam never reads this).

Well on that note I wish all the New Jersey High School Kids that qualified for the New Jersey Wrestling Championships in Atlantic City this weekend the best of luck.
btw.... yes I staged the picture with the fruit so you think I am eating healthy.


J-Wim said...

My dad was a coach for many years while I was growing up, and my boys never got the bug to participate either. I would have loved to see them give it a go but it wasn't in the cards. Lucas joined the team as a 7th grader but the youth program is so strong here that he was years behind in technique and it was a pinfest.
Just to let you know though, there is a girl Kate who has been wrestling since she was itty bitty and she continues to be the person I love to watch wrestle the most. She is tiny, but she is also tough as nails and is more technically proficient than anyone I have ever watched. She has a way of using leverage to her advantage and dominates those boys on a regular basis. I call her the spider because she looks just like one as she stretches out and then flips her opponent over and goes for the kill.
My point in this being that girls can wrestle too. Give it a shot.

Pat said...

This post speaks to me. I coached my son in basketball, tee ball and soccer all for one year. I guess he didn't like the coach.

Then, I just let him do things he was interested in. I became a Chess parent. I became an archery dad. Not exactly, how I imagined. But, I have happy, well adjusted kids.

It may not be wrestling, but I bet you'll let your kids excel at what they love.

TNTcoach Ken said...

Dan, this sounds like a scene from a Steve Martin movie.... LOL

Missy said...

OH NO, I was that girl, though, even young. I wanted to be where the boys are because they had more fun...I'm still that way. Thank GAWD hubby is very supportive!

SUB6 said...

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