Thursday, March 26, 2009


Haddonfield NJ where the race takes place is a very nice small little town in South Jersey. Beautiful town I might add. It is a nice setting for a race.
No this is not a race report because I didn't run this race this year. I didn't even get to go watch the race. But I wanted to report on this race because it is quickly becoming a major event. We are just getting out of the winter here in New Jersey so some people may have said sure I will go run that race why not.
But this race brings out all the local and not so local fast runners. I have raced in some (not many) races where a 20 minute 5K would land you a top 5 finish. Well this race 20 minutes would have landed you 144th place. The top 8 finishers were SUB 15 minutes. The 1st place female (26th overall) Erin Donohue went 16:09, now grant it she spent her summer in Beijing running for the USA in the 1500 meters.

I did the race two years ago when it was a much smaller field. I think I will try to hit it again next year. Maybe some of the speed will rub off on me. I doubt it.

Here are the official results.


Missy said...

Jebus H!!! That's rollin. 16:09 chick, ouch, that makes me cringe. I could get two miles done:)

Anonymous said...

Can you find me a 5k where my 30 min time could win?!? ;)

That Erin, she is pretty awesome! I was bummed I couldn't race it; hopefully next year...

J~Mom said...

Those are some crazy fast times!!

Trishie said...

damn, those are some FAST TIMES!

Marc said...
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Marc said...

I stumbled across your blog looking for my time at the adrenaline run!

Check out my blog if you ever get a chance...

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