Thursday, August 28, 2008

2008 Run for Tony 5K

I did this race last year, it is a benefit for a great cause. But this race had a special meaning. I tell all my non-runner friends about the benefits of running and how the couch to 5K is a great plan. Well my friend Lou, who over the last year was diagnosed with type II diabetes, really wanted to try running. So our families were at Great Wolf Lodge together at the end of June and I told him to bring up running shoes we are starting. He brought them up and we got out for his day 1 of the C25K. He followed the program at home and this race was perfect timing for him.

He told me he thinks he could run 33-34 minutes. So me knowing that races are a little faster than you think was thinking maybe sub 30. We did his pace and came in on Garmin 30:51 (no chip) officially 30:57 so sub 31 will have to do.

Oh I should mention that Lou is since off all meds from the type II through diet and exercise.

Route:--Elev. Avg:68 ft
Location:Haddonfield, NJElev. Gain:-4 ft
Date:08/27/08Up/Downhill: [+68/-72]
Time:06:59 PMDifficulty:1.8 / 5.0

Weather:Mostly Cloudy

76 F temp; 40% humidity

77 F heat index; winds E 12

Distance: 3.10 miles

Speed:6.0 mph

Pace:9' 57 /miHeart Rate:159 bpm (Avg)
180 bpm (Peak)
Elevation (ft)
Pace (min/mile)
Heart Rate (bpm)
Heart Rate Zones
In Zone
In Zone
Zone 5163 - 1810h 08m27% 0.83 mi
Zone 4145 - 1630h 24m78% 2.43 mi
Zone 3127 - 1450h 00m2% 0.07 mi
Zone 2109 - 1270h 00m0% 0.02 mi
Zone 191 - 1090h 00m0% 0.02 mi
(none)out of range0h 00m0% 0.00 mi
MilePace (min/mile)Speed (mph)Heart
actual+/- avgactual+/- avg
19' 28-0' 296.3+0.3151+10 ft
210' 12+0' 155.9-0.2159-7 ft
310' 17+0' 205.8-0.2163-3 ft
end8' 10-1' 477.3+1.3176-3 ft
Versus average of 9' 57 min/mile

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TNTcoach Ken said...

Great job in being there for Lou, Coach Dan!

bigmike600 said...

So let me get this right? You have not done much ran his pace...and still did sub 10 minute miles.

Way to go. My run has really gone in the tank. Sub 10 minute miles seem out of reach at this point.

Jeff said...

Dan, that's great that you did that. I'm surprised that your non-runner buddy was able to run sub-10's at his first time out!

Marcy said...

Sweet job to both of you! :-)

J~Mom said...

Dang that is awesome!! Great job!!

Pat said...

Tell Lou congrats! I'd be happy with a 34 in my next race.

Trishie said...

congrats to both of you on a fantastic race! :)

IronTriTim said...

Way to go in getting someone else into running. Couple of weeks ago I ran my slowest 1/2 marathon, but I ran it with someone who ran a personal best, and they said it was because of me.. the feeling was as good as if i'd run a PR.