Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Friend needs your positive thoughts.

So to anyone that might get to read this and will be at Ironman Kentucky this coming weekend. Please keep an eye out for a team member of mine. His name is Brian and if he is able to compete is bib number will be 2383.

Brian has been working his ass off this year getting ready for his first Ironman and up until just a month or so ago was not really sure if he would be able to complete 2.4 miles of swimming. I happened to see Brian at one of the local OWS a few weeks back and he did indeed complete the 2.4 miles without stopping, and with out a wet suit I might add ( a big fear of his).

But this past weekend when Brian was doing his last bike workout he unfortunately was hit by a car. Here is Brian’s report about the accident that he posted on our team message board.

Hey guys,
To update everyone with things, after a trip to the ER, I have a nice road rash on the arm but it was not broken and I didn't even need stitches which they first thought I might, that's the good news if you can call it that...lol Now the bad news the x-rays showed I have two hip bone chip fractures and I most likely will miss IMKY. I have to go first thing in the morning for an MRI to confirm if they will allow me to run or not?
I bleeping can't believe this! All that training down the tube... so many miles, burnt back and all as many of you know, and now they may say it's a no go I am still holding out a small glimmer of hope I can somehow do this but from what everyone has said so far it is not looking good. Need to find an orthopedic doc that knows how much it means and gives me the clear....
I will post again when I know more and maybe have a miracle MRI and orthopedic doc visit that shows it's cool?

Then this morning Brian updated the team with this news.

The Good news - the hip has trauma but does not appear to be fractured, tissue trauma and fluid build up is how he put it. The arm has started to mend just a weeping mess right now...yuch!The plan right now....I am going to KY either way, whether it's to jockstrap or complete is still to be decided? Right now I couldn't think of putting this arm in the Ohio River...lol. The Orthopedic doctor has told me, that while he doesn't recommend doing the run, running will not do any permanent damage it just could inflame thing more and just make it that it takes longer to heal fully. So the plan is to rest it for a bit more and try to see if I can run on it maybe Thursday or Friday (or even wait till race time to make the call. Right now I working on getting this arm to scab over, if not I'm not swimming with this mess...lol! I may also see a PT guy on Thursday to work on the hip and shoulder (sorry our PT Katie is out of town).

So I know Brian can use all the positive thoughts that you can send his way.

Here's a picture of Brian and me at Parvin State Park Tri earlier this year (Brian is the one that actually looks like a triathlete).


Spandex King said...

I know just how he feels, unfortunately.

Marcy said...

MOST DEFINITELY! Positive thoughts are a coming ;-)

Iron Eric said...

I crashed 1 week before Ironman CDA this year. I got road rash, banged up my wrist, and hurt my hip. I did the rounds with the doctors. I still did the race. My wrist and hip still hurt a little, but nothing too serious.

Keep faith and I hope you will still be able to race!! Good luck!!

J~Mom said...

I will definitely be thinking of him and watching his number! My friend just crashed while training for IMAZ. He has time to heal though.

Pat said...

Hope Brian is able to do IMKY. That's tough luck right before the race.

Trishie said...

DEFINITELY thinking good thoughts for Brian -- hope he is able to race IMK! (and btw, Dan, you too look like a triathlete because you ARE one, silly!)

Collin said...

GOOD THOUGHTS being shipped as I type. Huge bummer for him, and I'm hoping he can work through it and do the race.

Progman2000 said...

Oh man, hit by a car while biking. I hate even reading this story, I fear this every time I get on my bike. Hope it goes well for him!

Viv said...

My thoughts go out to Brian. I hope he will be able to compete.

Great job on your ride the other day. Enjoy the new kicks, may you have many happy miles together.