Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Sites that I like to visit.


I thought I would list a handful of sites that I go to more than a few times a day. There are others but these are my current must go to sites.

This is where I log my food and exercise. They also have a good forum to discuss weight loss issues and noon weight loss issues. I have cyber met a lot of great people there. This site requires a low yearly subscription or you can pay monthly as well.

This is a site that I log all my runs on. Does a great jog of keeping track of your miles and allows you to put a lot of other info about your runs. This is a free site but I might add.

I usually only use the message board or smart coach. On the message board I stick to the beginners forum. A bunch of knowledgeable people that are very helpful to beginners. This is also a free site.

I just got introduced to this site by a member at runner’s world and I find it to be a great site. If you have ever signed up for an organized race you have to check out this site and find yourself. Send me a note when you set up your profile. A free site as well.

Almost forgot to add this one. OK I did forget but I remembered when I got to work. This is by far the best PODCAST I have found. He talks to you while he is running about different running subjects. I love it now but not sure if real experienced runners will like it as much. But he is well worth a try. And yes it is a free podcast. This is not DJ Steve boy (who I also listen to and download).

On all these sites I am OBRATS so if you are on there feel free to say hello.

Maybe this is a good time to explain what OBRATS is. Well not much behind it other than I am from Old Bridge NJ so that is where the OB comes from. And when I was there I was the head coach of a youth wrestling team called the Old Bridge Mat Rats. So about 12 years ago when I first signed up for AOL (version 2.1 I think). I logged on with the user name OBRATS. It stuck and my friends now call me that more than they call me by my name. They like to say it like this O – BRATS. Call me anything just don’t call me late for Dinner.

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