Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Another picture from after the BSR 10 miler.

I need to really prioritize my goals. I get all set to tackle the world when I get a goal, only to either get bored of it or find a new goal. So I think listing them first and then trying to prioritize them might help.

Obviously these are personal fitness goals and the number one goal in life is to be a great Husband and Father to my wife and kids. But here they are anyway.

1. Run 1000 miles this year. (I am currently on target barely I might add.)

2. Get under 200 pounds. I actually hate to even put a number on my weight but feel I need to work towards something. And I am not sure I want to leave the Clydesdale division.

3. Do a Sprint Triathlon this year. Problem is no pool to work out in. I am sure I can find one if I really try (or should I say "TRI").

4. Run the Philadelphia Distance Run (PDR) in September. This is a 1/2 Marathon and there is no reason why I shouldn't be ready for it.

5. OK this is the crazy one. POSSIBLY RUN THE NEW YORK CITY MARATHON. More on this in a future blogs.

OK so those are the goals and I would have to say that so far the one I have been concentrating on the most has been the 1000 miles this year. However the dilemma is that, that one goal I feel is getting in the way of the other goals. Of course it can only help in goal #4 and #5 in the long run but for goal #2 and #3 I think it is hurting. Yes running does help with weight loss but I have not been weight training with my running and I think that adding cross training of weights a few nights a week will greatly benefit my weight loss goals. And obviously only running has taken away from me biking and finding a place to swim.

So what am I going to do about this you ask? Well actually I started doing something about this two weeks ago. Right after the BSR in Philly I started lifting again. I lifted 3 days last week and so far this week I have lifted 2 days. Also I had my bike tuned up a few weeks ago and got out for an easy 11 mile ride this past Saturday.

So as crazy as this may sound I am thinking of entering a Sprint Tri in two weeks. The swim is the part that worries me in that I have not trained at all for that portion and will probably not have time to in the next two weeks. It is an open water swim and is 1/4 mile long. I have no idea if I can do it or not. I think I can but I don't know. And there is so much I need to learn about a Tri in two weeks. Transitional stages, what to bring, do you ride with your bathing suit? I have no idea the answers to these questions.

Oh what to do?

Well I need to go surf the web for Tri 101 now.

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